Media claims Marxist police investigating black-attack against 10-yo White girl as a ‘hate crime’

Media claims Marxist Police Department investigating black-attack against 10-yo White girl as a ‘hate crime.’ The tender aged White child was walking down a street when she was viciously attacked by a satanic mixed with primitive-primate descendant IE; a negro beast. In this case, the sub-animal creature was female. Prior to the attack, other descendants had already set-up Caucasian invented recording devices and everything. Which not only recorded the attack on video, but also the racially charged epithets spewed out by the hate-filled black-attacker on audio. This is why the Marxist police are like; ‘gee, it’s just sooo obvious, … we’d best at least claim we are ’investigating’ this baby as a ’hate crime.’ Yeah, maybe spend a couple weeks (or so) on that time-wasting endeavor. Even telling ole gullible whitey; ‘we’ve got TWO investigators checking this dude out!’ You know, not only to ease whitey’s mind that their local government and popo department are not only ‘fair and impartial’ but to continue to keep whitey docile, inactive and stupid. The main goal being to keep whitey calm and non-violent. Not that they’re really worried about them… but, hey… what if they should wake-up and then after they woke-up, a localized movement should begin? Which could turn nationwide within a short period of time? Gosh, the Marxists just couldn’t chance that. Again, whitey, us folks down here at the popo department as well as the ones with those fat asses filling up those wide chairs in those town-hall boardrooms, we’re some honest, trustworthy and sincere folks (as well as shrewd and smart) – so just remain calm whitey, at least for another 2-3 weeks. While we determine this was NOT a racially motivated attack! You’ve done it many times before whitey, and we’re counting on you again!

Yeah, itz alrightey whitey, the jewish-media has eased our pains by telling us the police department is ‘investigating’ this black-attack against a White child as a ‘hate crime.’ And that’s all I needed to know. Shoot, it’s all cool now. Man, might as well just forget about it. The nice police have it under control. Those negro sub-animals won’t attack another one of our children. No sirreee!

And I’d bet after that ‘investigation’ (after it had been determined it just doesn’t quite meet the requirements of a bonafide ‘hate crime’) – the female negress will only get a painless slap on her dark little wrist for the actual attack. So do not worry those pea-sized brains negroes, keep attacking White people, even our kids, we’re too demoralized, intimidated and frightened that we’d spent the rest of our lives in a jew-run, negro dominated state or federal gulag if we fought back. Thus we’re NOT going to fight back! And if some White would have fought back, and yanked that female negro creature off the 10-yo White girl, I bet those PC bastards down at the ADL-trained police department wouldn’t be merely ‘investigating’ a ‘hate crime.’ As by then they’d already made that determination and some poor White would be languishing in a cell with a dozen or more criminally insane savage negroes! And with a higher bond than all of them – combined! And speaking of ADL-trained copz, is the ADL the reason why crazed, communist copz in the US are killing people at record levels? Damn man, grow a brain huh? The US has turned into a jew-run, anti-white Zionist State right before your eyes! And they don’t give a damn about ‘hate crimes’ against Whites! Even White children! That’s what they want! They’ve already killed MILLIONS of Whites, and they seek to kill MILLIONS more


White victim this time, a 10-yo child

The black-attacker this time – instilled by the jew with pure hatred, animosity and contempt for White people

“I’se hates yo cracker!”

The police are investigating it as a ‘hate crime’ whitey – just don’t be upset in a couple weeks when – it wasn’t.


If you won’t believe me, a mere goy, would you believe a jew?

Media claims Marxist police investigating black-attack against 10-yo White girl as a ‘hate crime,’ Danielle Fair, black on White Attack, White Child, ETA, Expose Them All (1)


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