UK: Hideously unsightly African savage kidnaps, beats, tortures and then cuts off the hair of his ex-ho – and she’s damn lucky the creature didn’t cut her entire head off!

The dirty, nasty, vile ex-white thing even bred a creature as equally as repulsive as the African sperm donor.  I’ve always wondered… if the offspring shares the sperm donor’s blood and…. the mother has the same blood as the offspring,  I mean, you know, doesn’t that mean the nasty ho has not only turned complete n*gger but also, the repugnant thing will carry that blood with her the rest of her life? And will also pass it along to future generations? Where the Satan-seed will, or ‘may’ become dormant for any number of years and may  or may not become active at any point in time? And even if she were to breed with a White man at a later date that, there’s like a billion in one chance the offspring could possess a measure of that seed? In the 1800’s there was a horse/zebra creature that went extinct. Then many years later, two horses mated and half the offspring’s body looked like the typical horse, yet the other half had the stripped markings of the extinct horse/zebra. And at the time science was confused. And it took years for them to understand what happened. That one of the horses, most likely the female, had had the extinct creatures genes yet in her body. Which were passed on and on through the generations before it was in her. And had remained dormant for many years, before that billion to one shot it became active and produced the mongrel offspring.  I mean, I wouldn’t touch the bitch with a ten foot pole, its not ‘damaged goods’ man – this lowlife bitch has been DESTROYED!


I hope the bitch (and her offspring) are planning a trip to Obama’s birth nation, Kenya….

Huh bitch, you like n*ggers?

They stack motherf*ckers up like cord-wood there…


Now one other thing, I just want everyone to know, I only make posts with pretty n*ggers in them. So if you ever catch me laying down a post with an ugly one, let me know hey? Thanks.

Rebecca Watton, Ian Hassen


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