Extremely repulsive dark beast arrested in tragic slaughter of White taxicab driver, Stuart Carson, Rohbanni Wilson, black on White Crime, White Genocide

Mother of three without a husband, three babies without a father, the jew-diversity and multiculturalism scheme… just not worth it.

Below Image – looks like one of the family members done dug into the coal pit….








Stuart Carson, Rohbanni Wilson, Rohbanni Martriel Chavez Wilson



  1. This GD ugly and soulless descendant of a primitive-primate beast is a born killer and evil from the bone marrow on out. It should be made legal to shoot creatures like this when spotted and where they stand or strut. And without shame, guilt, remorse or question. And F that stupid and tiring sh*t that it was ‘getting its life together, is innocent, and is not a violent person.’ Furthermore, this ugly dark skinned thing was not ‘expose in the media’ – the media sidestepped the black on White crime angle and concentrated on family feelings. Which were they will miss the victim and that he was a great husband, a dedicated father, and an all around gentle and nice guy. And while all of that is true I’m sure, we need to concentrate of why negro freaks think it’s ‘alrite and dyno-mite’ to prey on White people. And why they can so selfishly and so easily slaughter Whites without one seconds remorse and no regrets at all. The only time I‘ve EVER seen a lowlife savage negro beast show sorrow over victimizing a White was when the MF was caught! Plus, the bastard is on the sexual predator/offender registry – for abusing 12-15 year old children! And you’re defending him, this is very telling about you. As they say… birds of a feather flock together.


  2. Loveangel

    Wow it’s a shame how this boy is exposed in the media, I happen to know the young man who is the suspect and he has a very kind heart and overall a great person. He learned from his past mistakes, and was trying to do better in life for him and his child. I know he didn’t do this, he is not a violent person. You only know one side of this story and the media is running with it bad bashing this young man. How about you as a voice in the media get to know about the young man who is a SUSPECT and then write about the story. I bet you come to the same conclusion as everybody else who knows him, it doesn’t make since. But of course you won’t because he is a black man and not worth your time to report the TRUTH FROM ALL SIDES.


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