Large specimen of the feral negro beast attacks White or Asian woman – shoves her into glass where she falls, bull negro then repeatedly punches, kicks and stomps on her

Women, especially White women, need to pack a powerful piece along with a couple extra clips to defend against these vicious black-attacks. Because it’s quickly becoming a matter of not ‘if’ a buck will attack you, but when. And the way our forefathers selectively bred these beasts to pull plows along with our government’s feeding programs, some of these creatures are as large as oxen. And it may take several shots from a powerful piece to stop them. I mean I wouldn’t want to depend on a tiny 22 to save my life. Plus, a little 22 cal may not even pierce its 3” ape-like skull. And while that may sound awful to some, that’s what’s missing in this video. That frail lil’ woman whipping out a heater to warm that savage’s cruel and cold heart.


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