Ugly mulatto with some mystery meat in the mix (Cudellious Love) charged in 1998 rape-murder of 27-yo Laura Hunding, black on White Murder, black Against White Crime

The lowlife bastard was obviously lusting after himself a White woman when he strutted across Laura Hunding. And it would take the lowest of the low to beat and murder a woman over sex. It would take a lowdown, low intellect, low self image mulatto like the one displayed below. And ‘hate’ – jews and race traitor PC liberals (really Marxists) like to talk about ‘hate’ – and I’ll tell you what, hate’s a perfectly fine emotion. It’s even mentioned in the Bible; “the perfect hatred” – and that’s’ what I have for this MF – the perfect hatred – and if I didn’t, I’d be just as lowdown as his ugly ass. The MF makes me sick!

Laura Hunding, Cudellious Love


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