Zionist jew and Israel firster Sheldon G. Adelson seeks the colonization of America by millions of Aztec breeders and warriors

Zionist jew and Israel firster Sheldon G. Adelson seeks the colonization of America by millions of Aztec breeders and warriors. Yet, at the same time wants a “big fence” around “his country” (Israel). And it should be obvious to all, what this jew and other jews like him really want, is the complete destruction of America. Yet not only America, but also Europe, Australia, Russia (etc etc). The jew not only wants to remove every last White human-being from off their lands, but the complete and total removal of the White race from off the face of the earth period. And other than an almost impossible outright murder of the entire White race, they seek genocide by means of miscegenation and assimilation. Which the jews call ’diversity and multiculturalism.’ And of course one way to hasten that affect against a nation people would be to introduce millions upon millions of those unlike them into their nation(s). And then to use such racially-charged and demoralizing words as ‘racist’ – while already having made it  into one of the most loathed and hate-related words in any language. So one cannot even go against their own attempted annihilation. Lest they are willing to become the evilest, most wicked and awful person the world-over IE; ‘A Racist.‘ There’s two key ways for one to drop in intellect and intelligence. And those are, death and brainwashing. And if you’re reading this that means you’re alive. And if you disagree with anything written above, that means you’re brainwashed. Time to wake-up my friend….

Anti-American, Anti-Christian and Anti-White…
Israel-firster Sheldon G. Adelson displayed below

Adelson, he just wants to pass an ‘immigration reform’ – that’s all it is, really. America already has laws against aliens crossing over its borders. So why doesn’t he just support those? Just support the damn law? Because that would entail deporting the aliens, and he doesn’t want that. He wants an outright amnesty, ooops, ‘immigration reform.’ Yeah, ~whew, that’s what it is. Ah huh, yessir, for sure enough. What a great guy huh? Thank you Mr. Israel.


Below, Ann Coulter hits it, she knows. Of course she most likely didn’t ‘cross the line’ – at least not too much anyway. You know the ‘line’ – where it may not be ‘politically correct’ but, well, the jews and other Marxists may not want to call it outright ‘anti-Semitism’ either. Now don’t get me wrong, they can and do call anything and everything they don’t like ‘racism, anti-Semitism, hatred’ etc etc – but as mentioned, she most likely didn’t cross the line, at least not too much anyway.

One item that bothered me was how she repeatedly claimed that Adelson “wanted cheap labor.“ I mean how much ‘cheap labor’ could he, jews, possibly need in America? And is it really all about ‘cheap labor? I think the millions upon millions of illegal aliens already in the country could have provided years and years of ‘cheap labor’ – if that‘s what jews really wanted. Plus, even before the jewish 1965 immigration act was passed into law, America already had millions of not only ‘cheap labor’ blacks, but also millions of ‘cheap labor’ Whites – who would and did work for minimum wage. I know I did, I worked for minimum wage for a couple years while attending college. Excuse me, it wasn’t ‘minimum wage,’ it was exactly one dime over minimum wage. I was the guy who ran the buffer over a hospital’s floors. Fun job really. I was young, lots of pretty girls and, well … it was a dime more than minimum wage. So I was happy. But really, seriously, is ‘cheap labor’ even an issue? I know several sayings that I don’t agree with 100%. That is, I just never believed these clichés were 100% true and accurate. And they are… 1); ‘they do the jobs we won’t do.‘ And 2); ‘the republicans want them as cheap labor while the democrats want them for votes.’ I call nothing but BS to both of those. Jews want massive non-white immigration for the reasons explained at the top of this page, to destroy the White race – anything else is almost meaningless and most certainly secondary. And why doesn’t Israel need cheap labor? They have the Palestinians right? Yeah, and we already had and have millions of invaders into our country plus millions of poor Whites and blacks. And why didn’t we hear about all this ‘need’ for all this ‘cheap labor’ and the ‘jobs that we won’t do’ until after the jews had passed the 1965 immigration act? When every factory and shop in America was running non-stop and full blast? And prior to our politicians shipping our jobs overseas? Huh? Nah, prior to the jewish 1965 immigration act I never saw where anyone claimed; ‘the republicans wanted cheap labor while the democrats needed the votes.’ Because it’s all BS or at least secondary. The first and only thing they (jews) were wanting to do via changing immigration was to change the demographics of America while at the same time forever changing America as we knew it. That’s what they wanted. And man have they almost succeeded. Anyway, Coulter’s article, excerpt below followed by the source link. Not a bad article all in all.


Here’s a relevant and recent piece found on David Duke’s site

Jewish Supremacists Demand America “Take More Refugees”—While Israel Imprisons and Expels Them

(David Duke archived audio and video with links)

Sucking Up To Sheldon Adelson


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