Remember the negress who attacked the 10-yo White child?

Remember the negress who attacked the 10-yo White child? While calling her ‘cracker?’ Remember? The police claimed they were ‘investigating’ it as a ‘hate crime?’ And I called BS on that, because I knew the black bitch wouldn’t be charged under hate crime laws. And even if she were, a judge would have thrown it out anyway. Because in the legal field they know, jews concocted ‘hate crimes’ legislation to be anti-white – that is to say, it wasn’t a pro-black act – and it wasn’t to protect Whites from blacks, it wasn’t really even to protect blacks from Whites. It was to demean, demonize and demoralize White people. A White beating a nigger while yelling ‘nigger’ would be considered the core definition of a ‘hate crime.‘ Yet a nigger beating on a White person, even a White child, while calling them ’cracker’ just isn’t going to cut the mustard…


Cleveland police have found no evidence of a hate crime after a 13-year-old West Side girl attacked a younger girl last week

Investigators initially called the Wednesday assault on the 10-year-old girl a “hate incident.”

Police on Monday confirmed the incident is now being investigated as a juvenile assault.

The victim’s mother said her daughter was riding a scooter in their First District neighborhood when the teen suspect punched the girl, knocking her to the ground, according to a police report.

The suspect, who is black, continued to punch the victim, who is white, while calling the girl “cracker,” the mother told police.

A witness showed investigators a YouTube video of the attack, the report said.

A police spokeswoman said conflicting witness and victim statements and a review of the video led investigators to believe no hate crime was committed.

The redacted police report did not reveal the name of the victim, the suspect or witnesses. Contact information and the title of the YouTube video were also blacked out.


Last week 10-year old Danielle Fair was riding her scooter down the sidewalk in a West Cleveland, OH neighborhood. Danielle, who is white, was sucker punched by a 13-year old black girl, knocking her to the ground. A beating ensued in which the attacker repeatedly punched the girl in the face and called her a “cracker.” Seems like a pretty open-and-shut case of a hate crime, but not so fast.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer is reporting that police have decided not to pursue hate crime charges in the case. A department spokesman says after reviewing the video of the attack, they have concluded that no racial hatred was involved. The heavily redacted police report leaves many questions as to their decision.

One neighbor heard the attacker call Danielle a cracker during the incident. On top of that, the neighbor says the black girl has a history of taunting children in the neighborhood saying she hates them because they are white.

Danielle now lives in fear and avoids the older black girl who attacked her at all costs. She learned a valuable lesson from the Cleveland PD: It’s only racist if white people do it.


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  1. Anton Chigurh

    Niggers suck. Parents, don’t enroll your children in mixed race schools. Home school them and teach them to AVOID THE GROID.

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