$88K in food stamp fraud – two ‘Israel’ born Palestinians(?) arrested

Smug and snide third-world foreigners receive government backed no interest loans and free grants to become much respected ethical, honest and trustworthy businessmen and merchants. In first-world USA no less. Yet what do they do? Continue within third-world greed & crime. Firstly, I’d like to know why White Americans are denied these no or low interest loans and never repay grants? And secondly, and perhaps even a better question, why is the United States Federal Government so anti-white? Why do they seek to destroy White America at every turn and at all levels? Maybe that’s one reason why they import and set these thankless and unappreciative aliens up in business? To screw whitey. Yet the foreigners turn around and screw them. Or really, the American taxpaying slaves, who will ultimately pay the price. This BS is tiresome and Out Of Control. And ‘out of control’ is putting it mildly. And it’s past time we, White Americans, rise up and reign it in while getting it back under control! And, under OUR control! Remember folks, when Whites first settled the lands in America, we were the minority. Yet we won. And if the jew keeps importing these dark third-world creatures into our country, we will become the minority again. Does today’s White American have the heart to win again? I think we do. But first we’ve got to get in the battle. And yeah, by the anti-white government mass importing these ungrateful aliens into our nation, and then giving them the means to start businesses, while denying us the same, and these greedy bastards turn around and rip us off like we’re two-bit suckers – THAT is war! Matter of fact, war on TWO fronts! On our anti-white government and these parasites whom were brought into our country to sell us our coffee and gasoline! It could go without saying but I will say it anyway – personally I refuse to patronize a foreigner run business.

Haha, look at this, the reporter is completely incapable of typing ‘Palestine’
as in ‘Palestinian born’ – so he uses ‘Israeli’ born. Either him or his jewish
editor simply cannot admit there is or at least was a country called Palestine.

Palestine? Hmm, nah, never heard of it.






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