White man attacked, beaten to death by prowling blacks, some media called it a ‘fight’

San Diego, CA. Michael Beaver was walking on F Street near Fifth Avenue about 1 a.m. when two men and two women approached, police said earlier. Surveillance video showed that the four taunted Beaver, and he was then hit. Two of the men and one of the women then proceeded to further assault him, the video showed.

Police said earlier that it did not appear that Beaver provoked the incident. He was found unconscious and died shortly afterward at a hospital. He had suffered blunt-force trauma to the torso.


Flashback to Anthony Cumia


Not too long ago these jungle savages would have been scavenging for their subsistence within the grounds of an African forest. And would have been lucky just to have survived. Today, many of them are afforded the luxury of hunting human prey within the confounds of national boundaries such as America. And while it has nothing to do with survival, as the satanic things are given their sustenance for free, the hunt, it’s just the nature of the beast. The savage negro beast. Equally as dangerous as any other vicious wild animal. And most likely even more so. And while this untamed beast was once at least to some extent under control, it had been loosened by the jew. The jew who has made it a ‘hate crime’ to defend ones-self.

Ref; typical media reporting (links below)

As is normal with black against White hate crime attacks, the media minimizes and attempts to lead away from what actually occurred. They often report or really ‘misreport,’ these incidences with misleading language and terms which are designed to guide away from true facts. And really, as in how one is to believe. They don’t want the reader/viewer to be free thinking that‘s for sure. That’s why they exploit such words and clichés as; ‘it was a fight,’ ‘there was an argument‘ (or ‘dispute’ ) etc. And also, many times they’ll erroneously evoke the narrative of; ‘it was a random act of violence,’ and/or the White was simply in the ‘wrong place at the wrong time‘. Yes, when a White is the victim, there’s always some extra BS about it. It’s a psychological attack on the mind. A conditioning. They seek to define and limit you intellectually. They want to corner you into one way of thinking. To remove any critical thought processes and to reduce you down to a level of dependent and careless thinking. With the limited ability to reason or form personal or logical opinion. And it’s this type of attack on the mind reporting that has most Whites, when they think of these attacks, into assuming the White victim just had to do something to cause him or her to become a victim. As Whites just aren’t natural victims. As in… blacks do NOT attack Whites without cause. Yet on the few occasions a black may be attacked by a White, most Whites just assume the attack was premeditated, well planned, methodical and of course motivated by pure racial bias! Yes, only Whites are evil enough to commit ‘hate crimes!’ This is how we’re conditioned to think! And again, this is because of the method and terminology of the media! And those who dictate the terminology also control the psychology. And those who control both – control YOU! As if you’re too brainwashed to think, you’re too brainwashed to resist.

Take the case of this murdered White man. Really all that happened was, a small tribe of negroes jumped on him, viciously beat him, and left him lying on the ground in a pool of his own blood. Then they strutted away thus leaving him there to die. It’s not like they really gave a sh*t what happened to him. A witness either saw it go down or found him laying there and located a cop who radioed for an ambulance. But it was too late for any medical care. As the satanic negroes had done what satanic beings are suppose to do. Rape, murder, steal, riot, loot, burn, destroy and pillage.

Bottom Line: there wasn’t any act or occurrence which took place preceding the actual incident. And one in which precipitated this deadly and vicious assault on this man. There wasn’t any disagreement or fight. The only reason the blacks strutted up to him and murdered him was because of hate! Yes, they killed him because of hate! And they hated him because he was WHITE! It happens everyday somewhere in America! And yes, hate was the ONLY reason for the attack! Media; do NOT attempt to guide or ‘mislead’ us into any other conclusion! Blacks are NOT innocent little creatures! They are full blooded, cold blooded killers! And there wasn’t a ‘fight‘ – there was only an unprovoked black racist hate-crime attack! And it was so vicious a young White man died as a result! And this is why the negroes attacked! And this is the exact reason why at least one is being charged with first degree murder! (At least in this case, one media did get it half way right – links below.) Now will he be convicted of first degree murder? Probably not. Because the only one to tell the story is the killers themselves. And their attorney will most certainly go with the media narrative of ‘a fight’ – and maybe even that the White man called them the “N” word. And thus the charges will most likely get weaseled down to manslaughter. And if the negro or negroes get the OJ jury – he or they will strut out of the courtroom like he or they was the victim(s)! Thanks media for that ‘fight‘ nonsense! (Links below)

Lastly, I’m not trying to tell anyone that the 24-yo journalist and/or news writer is cognizant of, or is in anyway purposely attempting to outright deceive anyone. But I am explaining modern media and journalism technique. From the journalism professors who teach journalism to the editor of even the smallest of newspapers in America. And it’s setting a very dangerous precedent. And it’s the journalism professors and news room editors who are responsible for vomiting out a bunch of Marx-worshipping, pro-Israel, pro-jew, pro-black and anti-white journalists. As one example, currently Israel is attacking the Palestinians with mostly everything they’ve got. Now Israel has the best and most advanced military that US tax money can provide. While the Palestinians have nary an army, navy or air force. And as one views reliable internet new sources, they can see with their own eyes the smoke billowing out of Palestine. They can see the apartments, hospitals and businesses being blown to smithereens. They can even see the piled up dead bodies of Palestinians everywhere. But, on TV and within ‘main stream’ offline and online media, the journalists and news readers are reporting it as; ’when will the Palestinians stop the attacks against Israel?’ That opposites in reporting. That’s Cultural Marxism. That’s American media. And that’s how they’re forcing our journalists to report or, misreport the news. Leading one into believing untrue information. So no, the 24-yo who wrote the article for the newspaper, or even the professional newsreader who verbally regurgitated the story, they’re not 100% responsible. Even so, the results are the same.







Man, we wuz arguin an shiet, an afta hims call me a nigga an attack me, i wuz fightin an be defended myselbs lika muff*cka man. He be one dems wite supremes man! Yall can ebens axe muh homies who be wiff me dat night.

Michael Beaver, Mahad A. Ahmed, black against White hate attack, black racism

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