2014 – When men were women and women were men and the Marxists were glad of it – 1000’s of women refusing to groom themselves in a ladylike fashion

1000’s of women refusing to groom themselves


This reminds me of the homo-sex-you-all’s – it’s like, hey man, no one cares, do what you want in YOUR bedroom. But they just can’t do that. They’ve got to feign and claim victim status. That’s why they hold those repulsive, degenerate and sickening parades and marches. So as to shove it in your face. They not only crave the attention but realize the more perverted and immoral they become, someone will eventually take notice and complain. Someone who really didn’t care what they did. At least not up to the point of them coming into their city or town while performing oral on each other. And then allowing the results to drip off their tongues and down their chins. And of course they just have to show it off, for nothing else but ‘shock value.‘ And that’s what gets the attention of the ‘normal’ people. And this is what the homo-sex-you-all’s desire. They want you to notice, they want you to complain. Because then they can feign victim status – and yell and scream and whine and cry about one being; ‘homophobic,’ xenophobic,‘ ‘narrow-minded,’ ‘prejudiced,‘ ‘intolerant,‘ a ‘hater,‘ a ‘racist‘ and on and on and on. And listen, it’s all BS, the total thing. The invention and use of these hate charged words and terms are used solely as a means of control. For those who dictate the terminology, control the ideology. But, there was nothing to control, because no one cared! No one (except maybe a couple church groups) was holding marches, parades, protesting or even counter-protesting against what another person was doing in THEIR bedroom! It was them in our faces! Not ours in theirs! And thus they protest against nothing! And they’ve held those parades and marches solely to get people riled up – so they could use their hate speech against them! They needed to be victims! Why, to gain special rights!

And of course in a Marxist leaning country like America, and most other White or formally White nations, they were indeed given those special rights above all. And with this last round from Obama, giving homo-sex-you-all’s federal protections, there isn’t anyone or anything else left to ’protect.’ I mean not unless the federal government wants to ’protect’ and give ‘special rights’ and ‘victim status’ for bestiality. Who else is there to ‘protect?‘ The only group that is NOT ‘protected’ are straight White people. And that even includes straight White females – that is unless you try to get in between one’s legs. And she files a sexual harassment suit against you.

And that brings me up to this topic. ‘1000’s of women refusing to shave their legs.’ Huh? What? What’s this all about? Listen b*tches DON’T SHAVE THEM! OK? I don’t give a damn – just don’t shave them!

2014 – When men were women and women were men and…

I don’t want to…


Hello ladies…


Last chance b*tches…

And that’s all I’m sayin…

Women join hairy leg movement to ditch their razors and go natural, hairy leg club – tumblr, Lazy women join hairy leg movement to ditch their razors and go natural, The dykes are refusing to shave,


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