Blacks sentenced for 2013 crime spree unleashed upon White community, culminating in murder of White in his own driveway

Blacks sentenced for 2013 crime spree unleashed upon White community, culminating in murder of White in his own driveway

John Yingling shown below, was backing out of his driveway as he talked with his wife on his mobile phone. She heard vile negro voices as the phones disconnected. She immediately called police to report her husband was in some sort of distress. They rushed to the scene and found yet another White life snuffed out from negro gunshot. Another White life and White family destroyed. Destroyed for no other reason than the callous defiance of the United States Government to return these murderous primitive jungle creatures back to the jungle.

As hard as this may be to swallow for some, Whites were once allowed to live safely within our own homes. We could even walk our own streets unmolested and without fear of being beaten, robbed and shot down by jungle savages turned street thugs. Yeah, isn’t that amazing? These negroes went right into the White victim’s neighborhood and cold-bloodily murdered him. Not too long ago these two negro killers wouldn’t have even been allowed by the gate, much more inside of it. Is that ‘raaacist’ or what? Huh? Wasn’t that just awful? Wouldn’t allow a negro killer to enter into their neighborhoods. Gee, wonder why that was?

Accosted at his home, in his own driveway… and murdered – thanks federal government with those ‘integration schemes.’

This negro crime spree against the White community ended with the hate crime committed against John Yingling. And afterwards the vile beasts were hunted down like the rabid hyenas they are. And of course like any timid wild animal, they run like scared rabbits. As this was no longer a situation of victimizing weak and frail White women, or unarmed and unsuspecting White men – it was, as the negro says; “the sh*t just got real.“ Yeah these are no longer just innocent White victims now are they negro? These ‘victims‘ are equal with you. In that they are armed just like you, but worse, they will kill just like you. And yeah negroes, that’s some scary stuff huh? Scary when it becomes a real battle. Or, “the sh*t just got real.“ … as the hunt ended, the cowards endangered even more innocent lives…

The two born-killers below. Being escorted by the typical low intellect black jail staff. Even when a black can’t make ‘cop’ – the government can still deny Whites decent government jobs while making the negro… jail house ‘guards.’

Gotta love the arrest image – sportin a genuine United States Navy sweat. Either the creature was a frogman or the government donated some of their surplus to ‘community activists’ who in turn gave it to him. Hmmm, what’s more likely? The black freak was an elite within the US Navy or yet another example of wasted taxpayer money?

John Yingling


John Yingling, Sirquain Burr, Gabriel Edwards



  1. unga bunga ooga booga boo

    Once resident Lucifer Malcolm X Obunghole was selected as official white house squatter, there was a statement by black pansy party that now we take da war to whitey’s hood

    So feeling emboldened due to having a black muslim communist lord and savior, they are on a nonstop blood thirsty chimpout…kill da crakka, rape da crakka wimmins, kill dere babies

    Now with the possibility of obunghole getting a 3rd term, Killary or Holder being our next psycho white house resident….when oh when will there be a giant nationwide insurrection if only the white majority of brainwashed zombies would wake up.


    • Oh chit, not a third term! I was hoping America could somehow survive his second term and the next two years. At least America may delay the inevitable if he only had the next two years. But a third term would definitely be the end and in short order.

      And I agree, the negro savages have declared war on White America. And thus far, most are completely oblivious to that fact.


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