Vile male Aztec Indian warriors charged in slaughter of 25 year old White woman – Brittany Lynn Simpson, Juan Carlos Ramirez, Luis Galvan Mendoza

I couldn’t locate any information concerning if the woman was raped. And that’s not necessarily unusual. As the investigation is ongoing. And while investigators may have suspicions one way or the other, rather than speculate, they will await autopsy and forensics results prior to disclosure. Also, the article mentioned that the U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement (enforcement?) were assisting the investigation. Whatever that means. Are the Aztecs in the US illegally? Or had the US federal government already made them legal ‘Americans‘ and they’re just checking? While these things are unknown, one thing is known, none of this matters to the 24-yo murdered White woman.

Yet another White victim of vicious alien crime

Aztec Indian Warriors operating in Tennessee slaughter another White human being. And these vile and despicable things should never have been inside our lands. The jew likes to explain to us on their TV that, hey, these pitiful ‘undocumented immigrants’ are hard working and they just come for a better life. But the one thing these cunning, conniving, manipulative and nation destroying parasites never mention is, what they are doing against our lives. And not one White death and or White family’s sufferings are worth even the smallest measure of the jew’s multicultural and diversity schemes against us and America. Really people, we need to wake up. Attempting to replace and eliminate a people from off their lands is, per UN resolution, genocide. And for those who would say; “oh, we’re not being ‘genocided,’ there’s plenty of White people still out there.“ The attempt to reduce a population of a people, the attempt to replace a people, is, per UN resolution, genocide. And the United States signed off on that resolution as did many other nations. Can you understand?

Brittany Lynn Simpson, Juan Carlos Ramirez, Luis Galvan Mendoza


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