Asians providing wider parking spaces for women – libs go crazy

Asians providing wider parking spaces for women – libs go crazy

Liberals, IE: Marxists, using the same old tired BS. Making claims about ‘equality’ and how we’re all the same and all that other tripe. And it’s amazing how these schemers always have the loudest voice. I mean they are but a small percentage of the population, yet, are the loudest and most raunchiest voices within the media.

Like here, they are pissed that women have gotten wider parking spaces. So what do they do? Keep their noses out of it? LOL, of course not. They immediately whip out the Marxist lines of ’equality’ – yeah, as in women are the same as men, homosexual deviants are the same as straight family men, black jungle primitives are the same as university professors and on and on.

And of course when these cunning, conniving, mentally ill freaks scream out the word ‘equal.’ It’s an insult to every human being alive. As equal means ‘identical’ or the ‘same.’ And no two human beings are identical with one another and no two human beings are the same as another. But this is what the Marxists want – they want the human population to be as zombies. Unthinking zombies. In other words, they want us ‘equal.’

The truth of the matter is, some women do have a hard time squeezing into some tight parking spots. Some men as well but, most certainly women significantly have a harder time than men. And that’s OK – because we’re not equal, we’re not the same, we’re not identical. And that’s the kind of world we want, we don’t want to be zombies. And I think it’s a great idea that a couple Asian nations understand this. And are trying to assist women in this matter. Continue to rebel against Marxist ideologies. Because if you don’t, you’ll be just as screwed up as western nations.

Also, from personal experience. There has been many times when my wife was driving that she got into a bind inside a parking garage or parking area. Where she’d pull up to a tight parking spot such as in a garage or concert event type parking area, where the spots are tight. She let’s out this feminine ‘eek’ sound and quickly glances at me. But usually I had already realized the situation before she made the sound and was automatically set to get out and assist her and to guide her into the spot. Without damaging the vehicle of course. And she has done the same for me many times, when I was backing up our camping trailer of one of our other trailers. And we needed to back up and it was either dark or there were other vehicles, dangers or whatever behind us. And she hops out and guides me. This is just the way it is. There’s no ‘equal’ about the sh*t. I know she’s not a mathematician. I know she does understand that to get into a parking spot at a 45 degree angle that a 30 degree turn just isn’t going to get it. I know she’s not a truck driver that can manipulate his truck and trailer into the tightest of spots. But that doesn’t mean she’s ‘equal’ with a homosexual deviant. Or that I’m ‘equal’ with or identical to a jungle savage. We’re 100% different and 100% proud of the fact that we are. Screw the Marxist manipulators.

Lastly, while people are different, all people should have the right to be as they were inherently born to be. And yes, all people should have identical rights with one another.



A shopping mall in Dalian, in northeast China’s Liaoning Province has opened a female-only car park that features wider parking spaces to make women feel comfortable when parking.

We just wanted to make things easier for women, who make up most of our customers. There is a scientific basis for all this. Women have a poorer sense of distance when they are locked inside a small space. It doesn’t mean that women drive less well than men.

… recently in northeast China’s Dalian City, a shopping mall has provided exclusive parking spaces for women. These parking spaces are marked with pink signs declaring “Women Only” and are a little bit larger than ordinary parking spaces. Many female drivers say that they enjoy this special privilege.

“These parking spaces give me much more convenience. It is easier for me to park my car and it saves time,” said a female driver.

When male drivers see these special parking spaces, they just walk away with a smile. “These parking places really give women more convenience. Male drivers will feel embarrassed, if they park their car in women’s parking places,” said a male driver.


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