Communists march in Detroit demanding FREE water! — Only communists, only blacks and only in America!

Somebody else gone habs ta pay muh water bill fo me.
We already did – how do you think you are getting those government checks!?

PS. this is exactly why in some African nations blacks do not have utilities such as water, electricity and sewage etc. – they refuse to pay for them! Yet even in the smallest, primitive and poorest jungles in South America and elsewhere, they have these utilities because they pay for them! The US government have blacks thinking they are special, so special that they don’t have to pay for anything! Just kick back our black children, watch Oprah on your big screens and await our check each month! But yet these damned incompetent, wine sucking, dope smoking ingrates don’t pay their bills with their government checks! But like the water company said, within a day or two of being shut off, all of a sudden they understand what that government check was for…  and, … they will pay their bills! Stop marching ingrates, pay your damn bills — > BEFORE you get shut off!


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