MH17: Hillary Clinton says Russian-backed rebels likely shot down plane

These tools of the warmongering jew are pitiful and predictable creatures.  What should I tell the media my jew masters? Shall I tell them how pissed you all are for Putin initiating a new (non-jew monetary system [BRICS])? Shall I explain to them how upset you all are for Putin derailing US/NATO military operations in Syria and Iran? I want to be president and I need all the jew money and media I can get, what shall I tell them? Our stooge Hillary, just tell them Putin blew that plane out of the sky. OKOKOK!!!”

Former US secretary of state declares ‘Putin has gone too far’ as White House criticizes Kremlin’s arming of Ukraine separatists …. Dyke Clinton: … action was needed to “put [Vladimir] Putin on notice that he has gone too far and we are not going to stand idly by. LINK

Remember folks, if they eventually do get some chit started with Russia, the jew, he’ll fight to the last White man standing.


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