Tioman Island, Malaysia – local given death in 2011 murder of French woman tourist – Police also investigating murdered British and Estonian tourists

Stephanie Foray 2011 – Traveled to a beautiful island for diversity and adventure. But all she received was the diversity. Body found partially mummified inside an island cave. Island savage arrested, found guilty and was just sentenced to death.

Stephanie’s father and mother, Joel Foray and Irene Mortel, leaving court after the sentenced was announced.

Asni Omar displayed below – doing the perp walk. He lusted after Stephanie Foray, and murdered the French tourist after she spurned his sexual advances. He was sentenced to death by hanging. But he does have the right to appeal. I don’t know where 3rd world Muslims go when they die but, I doubt there will be any virgins awaiting him. And even if there were, I’m sure they’d reject him too.

Estonian tourist and model below, Regina Soosalu – she was
also attacked and murdered. Her murder has not been solved.

British tourist below, Gareth Huntley. He went to the Island for diversity and adventure as well. And thus far, his is only a missing persons case. As his body hasn’t been found.







Stephanie Foray, Asni Omar, Gareth Huntley, Regina Soosalu, Joel Foray, Irene Mortel, French tourist, British tourist, Estonian tourist, Estonian model, Tioman Island, Malaysia, Murder Island



Muslim boyfriend arrested in her murder, Tunku (prince) Alang Reza Tunku Ibrahim, Regina Soosalu, ETA, Expose Them All (1)




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