Negro made ‘cop’ on trial for killing unarmed White man after road rage incident in which negro cut him off

The negro shot the White man down in cold blood. The first shot struck him in the leg. And after a brief pause, the negro, realizing it was a non-fatal wound, lit off two more rounds. And those were the rounds that completed the job. As the unarmed White man succumbed to those last two shots and died.

Now at trial, the negroes (buck and ho) are telling a tale only an idiot or a negro jurist would believe. Of how the evil White man just didn’t care about the gun the noble buck was aiming at him. As the NAZI just kept advancing forward. All while threatening the buck’s ho and offspring who were also in the buck’s vehicle. And all the kind hearted negro was attempting to do, after he pulled to the side of the road, mad as hell after the road rage incident, was to ‘defuse the situation.’ Evidently the negro was just perfect. At least according to the negro and his ho. And the evil, awful, racist, NAZI, bigoted White man was as flawed as could be. And we just know, negroes wouldn’t lie. It would be ‘racist’ if anyone thought that. At least if they were White. As only Whites can be ‘racist.‘

Quite naturally the awful bigot caused his own death. While the heroic unbigoted negro was merely ‘defusing the situation.’ Oh and of course ‘protecting his wife and offspring.’ And it makes sense to me. Hell man, I’m not very smart. Sure, yeah, negroes aren’t violent creatures who would shoot an unarmed White person down in cold blood. Of course not. Damn man, negroes are victims not perpetrators. We all know that.

And obviously, because they don’t believe the tale either, the police, the detectives, the head district attorney and the prosecutors are all ‘racist’ too. How dare them charge this brave, peace-loving, compassionate negro ‘cop’ with first degree murder. Yet, that’s what they did. As the negro ‘cop’ is indeed on trial. Wow.

Negro made 'cop' on trial for killing unarmed White man after road rage incident in which negro cut him off (1)

Negro made 'cop' on trial for killing unarmed White man after road rage incident in which negro cut him off (2)

Negro made 'cop' on trial for killing unarmed White man after road rage incident in which negro cut him off (3),0,3347980.story


EDIT: Negro acquitted!

Another negro gets away with White murder!

Obviously, low intellect OJ juries are all over this country now…

The negro was mad that the White man called him the “n” word. And although he was the only one armed, the killer negro claimed he was scared for his life. So after he cut the White man off in traffic and they both pulled to the side of the road. The White man made moves towards the negro as the negro strutted towards the White man, when they get so close, the negro whips out his heater against the unarmed White man. Which immediately cooled the situation, as the White man stopped in his tracks. But rather than wait 1-3 minutes for police to arrive, he decided to shoot the unarmed White man. Yes, and after he shot him once, he takes a brief pause, then, after realizing he only wounded the bad White man in the leg, the good negro fires off two more rounds into bad, baaad whitey’s body – a successful kill. Self-defense or murder? An OJ jury was to decide.

A grand jury was asked to consider 2nd degree murder, they brought back a 1st degree murder indictment. Months later, the low intellect OJ jury nullifies everything. Basically claiming that since the White man called the negro the “n” word that he had the right to execute the White man. The negro couldn’t have merely held the White man at gunpoint until police arrived, and as he was supposedly trained to do as affirmative action cop. No, he could just execute him on the street that day. IE: Shoot, pause, shoot, shoot, kill. And for the OJ jury, as well as to the many commentators on this board, this is called ’self-defense.’ And the negro, armed to the teeth, yet supposedly scared of the unarmed White man, is the greatest and bravest hero they’ve ever seen.

Just like with entertaining yourself with the anti-white flick ‘Django Unchained’ – Unarmed White man standing there, looking down the barrel of a gun being held by negro paw. When the White man says something like; ‘you’re not going to kill me are you Django?’ ’Django,’ sucking on a cigar and simply too ‘cool’ to verbally answer, allows his gun to do the talking – and it said; ‘boom-boom!’ But after the negro shot and killed the unarmed White man down in cold blood, he was just too ‘cool’ not to talk – and he said something to the effect of; ‘man, I love killing whitey.‘ — And to the White people who believe the nice, sweet negro cop was somehow justified in shooting an unarmed White man three times, they must have really loved that scene.

And just think if the races were reversed? Gosh, it would be baby Trayvon and that ‘White Hispanic’ all over again. Then and only then would these same people understand true self-defense as murder. But that’s what liberalism IE; Marxism is all about – to live in a world where opposites are true. Truths are lies and lies are truths and the many have the mentality of an OJ jury.

Negro struts out of the courtroom after acquittal. Will now seek to get his ‘cop job’ back.

End Edit



 Joe Harvey, Joseph Walker


One comment

  1. Anton Chigurh

    The founding fathers referred to coons as being 3/5 human. They weren’t meant to vote, enforce the law or sit on juries. America is dead and gone.


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