Almost No Press Coverage of Historic Vote on HCR 105

Almost No Press Coverage of Historic Vote on HCR 105

There was almost no coverage in the national media of the historic July 25 vote in the House to restore the Constitution regarding war powers, HCR 105. The most despicable was Reuters, which simply lied that “it was a largely symbolic vote. To be enacted, the measure would require backing by the U.S. Senate, which is not expected, and even then it would not have the force of law.”

The only straightforward coverage seen to date in the U.S. media, outside of the LaRouche movement’s reports, was by Michael McAuliff in the Huffington Post , who wrote: “The House of Representatives sent a bipartisan message to President Barack Obama Friday, warning the commander-in-chief that lawmakers do not want him to escalate war in Iraq without first going to Congress for permission.” He added that “some senators have expressed concern about the president’s unfettered ability to ramp up hostilities,” and should take up the resolution.

McAuliff also noted that a “progressive” coalition of war opponents, Win Without War, issued a statement: “Today the House of Representatives made clear that they stand with the American public, who do not want to go back to war in Iraq. By passing H.Con. Res 105 overwhelmingly, the House also sent a strong message to President Obama that there is no authorization for any escalation of US military involvement in Iraq…. We remain concerned that over 800 American military personnel are currently in harm’s way in a nation increasingly embroiled in a violent sectarian conflict. After nearly 13 years of trying to solve such challenges militarily in Iraq and Afghanistan, with little success, the American people simply do not support another war in the Middle East.”


Obama Kills the War Powers Act



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