Anthony Cumia online starting today! (8/4/14)

Audio, video & archives – $6.95 – watching live now! — LINK

Broadcasting live from his house M-Th – 4-6PM EST

PS:  You should have already cancelled your Scott Greenstein XM subscription.

Anthony Cumia from this blog

Anthony Cumia

Anthony Cumia

Anthony Cumia

Anthony Cumia



  1. Thanks for an honest reply . No attacks or name calling just because what ever . And I too joined hoping I could MP3 it later the following day. I’ve been a solid fan of the show when ” ” crinkle crinkle ” was started .
    This page is top shelf .


  2. Please tell me I didn’t join for a wide range of Black Attacks News ?
    We know , we know , your still not safe . Love your witty humor , smarts about most everything but Black news I see and can get elsewhere .
    Are these comments welcomed ? Or have I just crossed a ” Line ” ?


    • Of course these comments are welcomed and no you didn’t cross the line. I do try to ‘report’ black on White crime news and evidently too much so at times. But I also try to cover other things. And it’s true, I have been posting mainly concerning black on White crime lately. I did notice that yesterday. Guess I need to mix it up a bit.

      And I understand what you mean, like the admin of New Nation News, all he covers is black crime. And then David Duke, all he talks about is jewish issues. And I’m like you, when I go to either site while I usually find something that interests me, still, it’s like, oh no, the same ole stuff. And like I mentioned above, I thought of that yesterday when browsing this site.

      Thanks for the comments, they’re definitely helpful and appreciated… take care…

      PS. As far as Anthony Cumia, I subscribed only to spite his jewish bosses that fired him. And when I did subscribe I thought I would be able to download an MP3 to listen to while on the go. But it looks like all he has is video. Video that none of my programs will download. At least not unless I record them in real time or, record them as they play. And then convert them into MP3. What do you think about him?


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