Negro supremacists whine over White liberal hired to instruct in non-white propaganda at new and negro-named middle school.

Southwest Fresno leaders criticize hiring of white teacher for Gaston school’s cultural studies

At an early morning news conference Monday, a small group of concerned citizens led by Rev. Karen Crozier met in front of the school on Church Avenue and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

Crozier and others were dismayed to learn the person hired to teach the school’s three cultural studies classes is white. District officials initially considered hiring a teacher of color, she said, but ultimately hired Peter Beck, a former teacher at Hoover High School.

“We’re just saying what the community wants. We didn’t fight for a white male or female teacher to educate our babies,” Crozier said. “We still are at these racial fault lines, and we want someone who will be able to think critically about those racial fault lines and how do we help heal, to restore the problems that have existed.”


It beez rasiss ta hires a wite teecha ta teech de black chillins! An we beez at ‘racial fault lines’ too muahfuggaz! Rev. Karen Crozier (lol yeah, ‘reverend’).

Is dey keep dis up, I’se movin back ta Africa. I’se tired ob americah opressin an holdin de black manz down. How ah crakka gone teech de fine black brovahs an sistahs bout black histery, culture and how ta get ova on whitey?

Here’s the White male teacher they’re pissed about… I’d bet this dude is a lib’s lib…

I don’t think they’re pissed about the new school the predominate White taxpayers built for them though.

Negroes within the media are always reported as ‘leaders, activists, community organizers, reverends, aspiring rappers, honor students, football/basketball stars’ etc etc. But that’s just the jew-jive con BS though. In reality, the negro is nothing more than a failed race. And a backwards race which has been fraudulently propped up by jews and liberals – IE; Communists, Marxists, anti-Christians, anti-whites etc. And they’re paraded around in the media like they, and only they, have meaningful and legitimate causes, complaints and issues. Yet if Whites should act within any cohesive or collective manner at all – it would be NAZI-like and of course ’raaacist.’

While the negro is falsely held up by its nose ring like someone won the creature as the million dollar prize, in reality the negro should beggingly drop at the feet of White people in appreciation that they are allowed and afforded the luxury of living within a first-rate nation and amongst them. And the utter hatred, contempt and shameless audacity they have for calling a racist ’news conference’ to complain about a White teacher being hired in attempt to educate their offspring is just mind boggling. Almost as mind boggling as how the jewish dominated media rushes out to ‘report’ on all these ‘just so urgent and important news conferences‘ the negro holds all over the country and throughout the year. Phony ‘news conferences’ whenever the negro calls for one.

And what in the hell does a government run, taxpayer based, public school system have to do with negro, Aztec and Asiatic ‘cultural studies?’ I mean just forget the fact that they refuse to offer any White cultural studies and then think, why the need for any racial or ‘racist’ studies at all? And the reason being, it’s Cultural Marxism. And while Cultural Marxism can be defined in many different ways and per individual thoughts. Most should agree, it’s an integral part of ‘Political Correctness.’

And of course we all should understand by now what PC is, fallaciously elevating one group while degrading and lowering another. Such as was the case under Communism, where classes of people were created, structured and then defined as either human or non-human. And once a person or group was dehumanized and were classified as non-human, it was acceptable to treat them as an animal. In that they could be controlled, enslaved and murdered at will. Which is why it was so easy for the Communists (the humans) to kill. Because their victims weren’t human. And boy did they kill, they murdered an estimated sixty to one hundred million people (non-humans). And it all started with brainwashing one group in how they were more valuable than another. While at the same time demonizing and dehumanizing another. Which is exactly what PC is all about. How every non-white (human) in the world is an innocent victim of Whites in one way or another. While Whites (non-human) are not only the ultimate evil but the originator of all evil. And of course anything that ails non-whites is the fault of Whites. And this is what encompasses much of what entails these ‘cultural’ classes. They’ve even invented words for all this White hate – with the favored one being ‘racist’ – or some variation thereof. And just the word alone represents White hate – as no other race is attacked with it. While no word has been invented to describe hate against Whites. Because it’s not really about ‘hate’ – it’s about dehumanizing Whites.

Today, Communism had turned to Marxism to Cultural Marxism to Politically Correctness. And in Political Correctness it is the non-whites being trained as the humans and the Whites as the non-humans. Which is why they have these so-called ‘cultural’ courses for non-whites, but none for Whites. They are setting Whites up for when the order reverses. And it goes from PC to Cultural Marxism to Marxism to Communism to… the deaths of millions more Whites. With a final plan of eventually eliminating Whites completely from off the face of the earth. And this is exactly why we have negroes in White nations living the high life while blathering on about ‘racism’ and ‘we gotz ta have our black culture classes black.’

And you can think what you want to think. But what I mentioned above is truth. And this is why hate-filled, anti-white racist negroes (communists) being paraded in front the jew-TV is more than acceptable. Whereas… well, just imagine if ANY White called a similar type ‘news conference…’

And listen, I’m not trying to ‘solve the crime’ – I’m just attempting to lead you to the ‘evidence.’ Do some research for yourself and for more info.

(Side Note: While obviously there are people more advanced than others – and others more savage and primitive than others – that has nothing to do with Communism. Communism was (and is) a method of false education, beliefs and teachings which did and will lead to brainwashing. Or, a method in which one White person would willingly rise up and kill another White person and under ‘communist‘ or jew orders. It was a means in which a minority jew population could overcome and eventually control while retaining that control of a dominant population of ‘goys‘ IE; ‘non-jews.’ And it’s being used again under a different guise. Same ideology, same methods, different races.

If one would desire to understand more, they should search items concerning the communist controlled years in the USSR. From the Bolshevik jew murder of the Romanov’s to the last communist leader. Also, while most Bolsheviks and communists were jewish, Stalin may or may not have been one of the tribe. While he most likely was jewish, there’s just not much real evidence one way or the other. But it didn’t and doesn’t matter, as he had a jewish wife and she had jewish children. Plus, many of those under him were jews, he lived like a jew, so even if he wasn’t a jew, as some claim, he might as well had been. And the reason I mention this is because many will use Stalin as ‘proof positive‘ that communism wasn‘t jewish).

One video I would suggest to view would be the one below.

The Bloody History of Communism (caused the deaths of 120 million people in the 20th century) 1.5 GB

Direct link (to page) here.

Is dat wite manz gone tell de brotha’s and sistah’s bout how evil dey wite azz be? Bout how dems enslaved us po blacks and stole our land and raped our ho‘s? About de fo’ hunna yeans ob holdin de black manz down and bout reparations n shiet? Huh, do he? We needs a black teecha be teechin bout da fine ‘black culture’ ta our fine black bros n hos and not some ‘raaacist’ crakkka!


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  1. Anton Chigurh

    So why don’t the nigs tax themselves to fund black teachers to teach at nig nog schools? In Baltimore, 6 schools tested their students for MINIMUM requirements. Not a single student was proficient enough in Math or English. Every school there gets $15,000 per student per year. All they do is warehouse students, fill them up with anti-white propaganda and give them “space to destroy,” I say to whites, “Stop funding your genocide. Take your children outta black schools and stop paying taxes to BRA.”


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