Trio of male negroes accosts, rob, murder White college student

The vile negro beast; inherently anti-white and born killers of the worst kind. Three of them strut upon a White youth as he sat at a stoplight. They then fire off 10 rounds, 8 of which struck their White prey. The primitive primate descendants then strutted off as if nothing happened. Because to them, nothing did.

Years ago in negro-fuxxed East St. Louis Illinois, the city had to selectively remove stoplights because they became nothing more than traps to snare White people for negro hunters. And when one particular millionaire White man was murdered at one (on eight street) that’s when they began selectively removing not only certain stoplights but many stop signs as well. They had to reengineer the entire road system in East St. Louis, IL. so as to keep traffic moving. Because if a White face or faces were stopped, even momentarily, the negro predators were laying in wait for those faces. And many of them were slaughtered as they were stopped.

Entrapping White people at stoplights and stop signs is nothing new. When it comes to criminal activity, many negroes use all means at its disposal. And BTW, while the negro does use the stoplight to its benefit, contrary to popular myth, the creature did NOT invent the stoplight. That myth AKA ‘lie’ was invented and promoted by liberals AKA Marxists who sought to uplift blacks and make it appear as if they actually contributed to White societies. When in fact they don’t. And, as a matter of fact, the story below, this is what they contribute. This is the worth and value of having primitive creatures walk amongst you. And it has nothing to do about inventing anything. Negroes misuse and destroy what others have invented. Matter of fact, they are even incapable of maintaining what others before them had invented and created. Many of our major inner-cites are proof of that. Again, if one honestly wants to understand the negro contribution to White society, look no further than below…

Trio of male negroes accosts, rob, murder White college student - Brendan Tevlin, Ali Muhammad Brown, Jeremy Villagran, Eric Williams, ETA, Expose Them All (1)


Brendan Tevlin, Ali Muhammad Brown, Jeremy Villagran, Eric Williams


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