Idiotic negro brandishing gun at Walmart causes death of White female and mother of two due to stresses on weak heart


There’s been new developments since last time I posted on this site. Plus a couple negroes came in and made some comments about ‘racism.‘ You know, the ‘White’ kind – as if there’s any other kind of ‘raaaacism.’

And I’m wondering if any of them would come back and make a few comments on the below stories.

But first, to update the case within this post…

The John Crawford shooting video

Grand jury refuses to indict

The ‘Justice Department’ set to ‘investigate’ – investigate White ‘racism’ of course

John Crawford III Went back toward his gun before fatal shot

End of updates.


Any of the negroes who claimed ‘racism’ concerning the case within this post care to comment on any of the cases below?

Negro cop murders unarmed White youth – media’s like ho hum, the negro run ‘Justice Department’ hasn‘t said sht. Links — OneTwo

Cops shoot White youth 16 times, murder him on the streets – ’Justice Department’ – national jew media? Huh? Where art thou???

Negro intentionally runs down and murders a White youth – no White ‘civil rights activists, reverends, community leaders’ or ’Justice Department’ to investigate. No media hype to rile and agitate Whites into rioting, looting and burning. Whites can’t even claim racism caused the victims death least they be labeled as ‘racists’ themselves.

14-yo White child murdered in her own home by black savage – no calls of ’racism’ or protesting or anything. Whites, as usual, took it like champs.

Young White couple kicked, stomped and beaten by tribe of former African hunter-gatherers turned big-city USA street thugs. No calls for returning the sub-animal attackers back to the jungles. Well, I think I did mention it on numerous occasions and more than one time but that doesn’t mean sht.

Plus, here’s a few more incidences of black on White hate crimes.

Any negroes want to comment on any of this? Huh? Do ya?


Idiotic negro brandishing gun at Walmart causes death of White female and mother of two due to stresses on weak heart, Angela Williams, John Crawford, Expose Them All (2)

Idiotic negro brandishing gun at Walmart causes death of White female and mother of two due to stresses on weak heart, Angela Williams, John Crawford, Expose Them All (1)

The low intellect sub-animal creature was displaying and brandishing a long barreled BB/Pellet rifle. Which had the appearances of a military assault rifle or ghetto gat. When police arrived on scene they were forced to down the defective creature like a rabid hyena. But when they did, a White mother with two kids in tow attempted to rush the kids out of harms way. And as a result, she suffered what most likely was a massive heart attack. She collapsed and died in front of her 10-yo daughter. Another thoroughly sickening and disgusting case of White death caused by a vile and depraved negro sub-animal.

Idiotic negro brandishing gun at Walmart causes death of White female and mother of two due to stresses on weak heart, Angela Williams, John Crawford, Expose Them All (3)

The two cops involved in the shooting. They had to do what they had to do. Plus, they only did what millions of Whites like me dream about every night. Just too bad a White mother and her children became victims as well. That’s the real and only tragedy of this entire mess.

Idiotic negro brandishing gun at Walmart causes death of White female and mother of two due to stresses on weak heart, Angela Williams, John Crawford, Expose Them All (4)!byqj4j



Angela Williams, John Crawford, David M. Darkow, Sean C. Williams



  1. Anonymous

    I bet you even have something to say about these cute “black and white” blended colors pandas. Look how adorable they are!!! 🙂 Come on… gotta love them.. It’s always better to share love than hate. The world needs more tolerance and love, don’t you think. No, of course not. You are not all full of hate, I’m sure. We are all humans here.


  2. Anonymous

    Wow, this site really exists? How pathetic you are. To be so uneducated and narrow-minded to write about people this way. You represent every racist out there that are slowly dying away in this modern times we call a “melting pot”. It is unfortunate that this still exists and the fact that you are slowly dying. The majority of us are not hateful extremist SOB like you who speaks in uncivilized manner and bigotry. How backward are you? I pray that one day soon, you’ve come to realize we all immigrated here at one point or another and this is not really yours or my country to begin with. May all souls in this tragedy rest in peace, be they black or white. And justice will prevail.


  3. Anthony

    Why believe that one race is better then the next. I don’t get it and I’ll never will. Joy made great points but I’ll add that the police are not well trained. They acted to quick and on top of that they was trigger scared. My cuz is a navy seal and from what he told me. They use the element of surprise and speed. They are not trigger scared.


    • Ah dude, this site covers White victims. This isn’t CNN or MSNBC which makes up BS about black victims. This site covers the White ones. And I probably wouldn’t have even reported on this lame assed story if it weren’t for the White woman who died in that Wal-Mart on that day. WTF would I care about some dilly negro playing with a look-a-like toy gun in a Wal-Mart for? And a stupid looking wannabe white-negro calling 911 on the idiot? Yeah, the pansy ass idiot, calling 911, scared to damn death, filling his underwear with the brown stuff as he talks to the operator, telling her how that idiotic negro is spinning a Tommy Gun around like John Dillinger or some MF. And then explaining how it ‘appears’ that he’s fixin’ to kill every MF in the store. I don’t care about that sh*t man. And if I did all I’d have to do was cover Chicago, report on the hundreds of negro on negro murders each month. You see what I’m sayin? F that BS man, what I cared about was the White woman who died as a direct result of those two fool’s actions. But especially the actions of the negro. It was stupid sh*t. Just admit it.

      And how would you know if the cops were well-trained or not? And does it even matter? After a year or so on the job they have all the experience they need. And if you’re directly referencing this particular incident, how would one be trained on what to do or not do while approaching a negro with a machine gun? And that’s what they thought they were doing, approaching some dangerous cat they thought was set to kill everything in the store. You don‘t know how trained or experienced they were man. Just admit it.

      As far as the cops acting too quickly, man, I just don‘t know. And really wouldn’t know unless I was in that exact same situation. I‘m just trying to figure out what they could have done differently, if anything. The jewish-dominated media riled you negroes up by claming they shot Crawford AFTER he laid the ‘gun’ down. But that was just media hype to agitate you negroes against Whites. And once you negroes hear some BS like that, you all just never change opinions. You all want to believe the worst – which is what the jew-media feeds you all. But in the video it clearly shows that was not the case – and that he was shot while holding the perceived assault rifle. Again, what else could the cops have done differently? Tell the truth now… and don’t you lie.

      As far as a military operation with ‘surprise and speed’ – I don’t see it like that. Again, the cops thought Crawford had a powerful weapon, one that could shoot through those imported shelves like they weren’t even there. And the surprise and speed part was just common sense. As it would have been utterly stupid to act slow and give warning of your presence. And ‘trigger scared?’ That’s when one is too scared to pull the trigger. Like a woman who pulls out a 22 derringer on a rapist but is too scared to pull the trigger. And the rapist just takes the heater away from her. That’s why they say that when you pull out your piece, you’d better be ready to use it. Because if you’re too scared to use it against your attacker, he may not be too scared to use it against you. So it would be best to not even have pull it out in the first place. But it didn’t appear to me that those two cops were too scared to use their rods.

      As far as Joy, hahaha, well, shoot. Female logic, hmmm, sometimes it’s worse than negro logic. And I think she’s a female negro so you tell me what I think of her. She carries in that ’racist’ BS as her argument, and then drops a link which proves the cops had bad Intel. And they acted on that Intel and didn’t cap Crawford cold because he was black. And if she’s trying to say the stupid 911 caller is ’racist’ – I think she’s wrong there as well. That fool is a wannbe, he wished he was born black. He loves you folks. And it wouldn’t surprise me if he was an aspiring rapper or something. I think that fool is the type of pride less bastard who, when he was a kid, invited his black buds over to his house so he could peek through the keyhole of his sister’s bedroom as the negroes raped her. Just so he could pull his pud a few times to pleasure himself. As you may detect, I just wasn’t too impressed by him. Nor was I the actions of Crawford. Two damned idiots of the worst kind. Which caused the death of one of them. And I don’t find pleasure in any of it. I wished it would have never happened. But again, I wouldn’t have reported it on this site if that White woman hadn’t died. Died because of the actions of two fools. She’s the one I feel for. F all those other bastards.


  4. Your Brown God

    You white filthy animals will all die.


  5. Joy
    Racism blinds them to the TRUTH of what really happened. Problem 1. A white guy LIED about what he saw in the store. Problem 2. The White police officers BROKE the law when, in an OPEN CARRY state, they chose to approach Crawford Problem 3. The officers shot without investigating first. BIGGER PROBLEM: COVERING UP WHAT REALLY HAPPENED!


    • And #4, a White woman also lost her life because of the initiation of irrational actions by one lone negro. And #5, how’s it against the law for a cop to approach an armed suspect in an open/carry state? #6, cops aren’t investigators, they stop crimes while detectives investigate them. #7, you solved the puzzle, that idiot white punk called 911 and reported that a negro was inside Wal-Mart brandishing an assault rifle, he even went as far as hyping it up by reporting; “and there are children present” – two cops entered the building thinking that as truth, and in a few seconds of time they located the negro, saw the ‘gun’ and shot him before he could spray the area with lead. What were they suppose to do?

      And that fat-jawed white punk, after seeing the video, changed his story to mesh with the video. How’s that the fault of the either cop?

      And I’d bet that if you were in the either cop’s position, you would have shot first as well. Because if that ‘assault rifle’ would have been real, like the cop’s thought it was, whoever shot first would have been the winner. And only people in that situation would have understood that.

      And yeah, ‘racism’ blinds – and you have been blinded because of it.

      Why didn’t you mention the White woman who also died that day? And why is it only the *White cops and the white punk who were at fault? There were at least four who were involved in this idiotic incident, the negro, the white fool who called 911, and the two cops. And it took all four of them to do the dance of death. But yet you’ve narrowed it down to only three. The White ones. Why is that?

      *And that one cop is obviously not White, his name is Darkow, his name sounds ‘Indian’ and he looks like one as well.

      I asked you why, but I’ll answer that question myself. Because you’re a f’n racist hater. Now get the F out of here with your biased BS. This isn’t Faux News girl, this is a site that reports on crimes committed AGAINST Whites – not some lame stream media and anti-white, pro-jew, pro-black, pro-brown, Israel loving site. What TF you doing in here anyway?

      ….Oh yeah, I wanted to respond to your ‘cover-up’ accusation – there was no cover-up, there was video of the entire thing – a grand jury refused to indict – where’s the ‘cover-up?’ I mean besides your eyes being covered by ‘racism’ and your brain being covered by hate – what ‘cover-up?’ You’re not a victim girl, unless stupidity and arrogance can be considered as an injury.

      And lol at ‘what really happened’ – we saw what really happened girl!


  6. Keep fucking white woman to obliterate the white race

    White people are more like animals than any other race. They get fleas like animals. They call it lice but it is fleas. When they sweat they turn pinker and smell like bologna and wet dogs. They cannot tan just turn a disgusting pink/red like raw meat. They sit in the sun for hours trying to get brown because even they know their skin is nasty and unhealthy looking. All the white people I went to highschool with look 15-20 years older than me because their skin and the lack of melanin in it ages them waaaay faster. BLACK AND PROUD!!!!! We are the strongest and first race!!!!!!!! That’s why they fear us. BLACK POWER!!!


    • Damn, I think I’m being culturally enriched here.


      • eta45 is a cocksucker that is jealous and infatuated with the black man

        I bet you hold your dick with two fingers when you urinate don’t you? Next time you urinate think about me and know that the pathetic thing you are holding between your two fingers by itself makes you inferior. Lol. It tickles me to know that the next time you use the bathroom you will think about this. Tell your wife if she wants to be satisfied then to contact me. I know she fantasizes about black dick already.


  7. Learn where you came from and how you are inferior in more ways than one

    Then the LORD God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.

    Genesis 2:7


  8. Kill racist whitey and fuck his woman

    The black customer picking up a product that the store sells is the idiot and not the trigger happy cops that took a life? Why don’t you get off the internet and go pick up your penis pump you pink skinned albino. The Bible says man was formed from the dust and soil of the earth. What color is dust and soil (brown). It certainly isn’t pink/pig colored. Sunlight gives life and nourishment to all other living things on this planet but it brings skin cancer to you all. You know why? Youre a genetic defect/reject race formed from Albino Africans forced out of Africa. Even white researchers agree with this and also that man originated out of Africa. You should Bow down to the father of all other races which is the Black race. Also, isn’t it embarrassing how your women love big black cock up their snatch instead of the snausages you all carry? Lol. Die slow and burn forever PIG.


    • LOL – you low intellect muahfuggas!


      • Keep fucking white woman to obliterate the white race

        You are obsessed with the black man. So much so that you dedicate your life and time to writing about us. Cocksuck much faggot? I fucked a white girl just the other day and I blew my load all over her butt. I know that bothers u albino. Lol. How does it feel to know that you all will be the minority in the U.S. in the near future. There are a lot more “others” than whites in this world and its just a matter of time before we take complete control of this country. Isn’t it ironic how Native American descendants (Mexicans) are crossing back into this country by the millions and u Albinos are fit to be tied but there isn’t a damn thing u can do about it. LOL!!! Fuck u ALBINO. DIE SLOW.


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