Teen killed by cop, Ferguson, Mo, Michael Brown, Mike Brown, Teen shot dead by police in suburban St. Louis, Kill the Police! (1)

See Also Page Two: Teen killed by cop, Ferguson, Mo, Michael Brown, Mike Brown, Teen shot dead by police in suburban St. Louis, Kill the Police! (2)

See Also Page Two: Teen killed by cop, Ferguson, Mo, Michael Brown, Mike Brown, Teen shot dead by police in suburban St. Louis, Kill the Police! (3)


100 cops from 15 departments called in to quell negro uprising – Ferguson, MO (suburb of St. Louis, County) – Cops 1 – negroes 0 – 18-yo youff capped cold by cop – NAACP ‘investigating,’ wants Feds to come in

100 cops from 15 departments called in to quell negro uprising after youff shot-killed by cop – Ferguson, MO. (suburb of St. Louis, County), ETA, Expose Them All (1)

Conflicting reports here – I’ll be honest man, I don’t exactly know WTF happened. And the only thing for sure is, an 18-yo negro was shot & killed by a cop. However there was one unconfirmed report that what initiated the incident was the negro was caught stealing and had run to the negro breeding grounds area – AKA government-funded HUD apartment complex, and that’s when he was shot. One negro claimed the cop shot the youff 8 times. I doubt that but I just don’t know. St. Louis County Police, who’s now in charge of the investigation, is to hold a news conference tomorrow morning (8/10/14). I just wonder if the negroes will still be up by then. No word on who the cop is or what his or her race is. But it wouldn’t matter as it would be ‘raaacist’ no matter who did what. Wonder if Big Al and/or Jesse will become involved? Guess if there’s any federal reserve notes to be obtained they will be. And they will do their usually stunts of riling the negroes into a frenzy. And when and if they do show up the media will be everywhere. And one of both of race hustlers will be shown holding up an inconsolable mammy or old dude. Jiving about how bad whitey is, it’s not justice it’s ‘just us,’ 400 years of white oppression, slavery, EBT cards and white raaaacisms. Plus, I noticed this story has already hit many liberal and anti-white internet news sites along with a couple national lame stream media operations. Some bouncing lips about sweet Trayvon Martin, the criminal negro who was brought to ‘just us’ by ‘white Hispanic’ George Zimmerman. It wouldn’t surprise me that if by morning there wouldn’t be 3-4 national/international news cameras per each negro on scene. Guess all this and more will be known in time. Yeah, only time will tell. And all I can tell now is an 18-yo negro was capped cold by the popo. Oh, and 100 police from 15 different departments had to quell yet another negro uprising.

Below, the innocent and noble negro who was gunned down by a NAZI, white supremacist, KKK, raaaaacist, evil and possibly even anti-semitic cop. White baaad, negro goood. Remember that and you’ll be a regular dude.

Michael Brown

The incident took place in a St. Louis suburb but yet, here’s a Miami
report. And BTW, I left four comments at the site and they deleted two.
Oh well, fifty percent, that’s not bad for me. I normally strike completely out.

Below, random images…

Anybody recognize those ‘sale fones?’ They might be yours…

MMMM MM MMMMM – wouldn’t this be sweet?























LA Times – http://www.latimes.com/nation/nationnow/la-na-missouri-grandson-dead-shot-by-police-20140809-story.html

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NegroOne – http://newsone.com/3042999/missouri-crowd-after-shooting-kill-the-police/

AOL – http://www.aol.com/article/2014/08/09/multiple-police-agencies-descend-ferguson-missouri-shooting/20944479/


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Brown and the negro uprising in Ferguson, MO.



  1. To Anon Aug 11 comment

    The QT storekeeper, his employees, the other storekeepers, the dead blacks shot by other blacks in the riot, and several assault victims were someone’s brother, someone’s son and someone’s friend… oh yeah, the policeman has a family who loves him TOO.

    You should show some respect for all of them… and yourself. By the way Mr Brown’s grandmom is selling tshirts if you would like to buy one. She can afford to buy bluntwraps now but the store is burned down.

    Did you know thousands of black people who have no walmart for groceries and no walgreens for medicine in Ferguson actually purchase their shoes honestly? Only a few hundred thugs stole shoes and other stuff.


  2. Anonymous

    I love it your writings hit the nail right on the head, I live just outside of Detroit its a joke on how it is down there now. When the housing bubble busted and the prices dropped their moving north now and wrecking the nice areas now. They ruined Detroit now they wanna ruin her areas kinda think of it as a cancer

    Liked by 1 person

  3. anonymous

    You are a fucking PIG! This is what is wrong with the world. People like you! Not knowing the terms or circumstances of this case, you are ridiculous! The disrespect and disregard for not only for him, but his family! This is someone’s brother, someone’s son. Show some respect! I have no idea what kinda of site this is, but I honestly don’t know how you can sleep with yourself at night.


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