Teen killed by cop, Ferguson, Mo, Michael Brown, Mike Brown, Teen shot dead by police in suburban St. Louis, Kill the Police! (2)

Also See: Teen killed by cop, Ferguson, Mo, Michael Brown, Mike Brown, Teen shot dead by police in suburban St. Louis, Kill the Police! (1)



More facts come out:

Police were investigating a theft at a local store which led them to the two black suspects – when the suspects were located in the HUD apt. complex one refused to cooperate, resisted, attacked the cop and was shot. The perfect situation in which to be shot dead.

That’s the short of it. But the media is yet supporting the black side of the story. And as a result, whipping the negroes into a frenzy. If the media would only desist in holding cameras in front of ugly negro faces and setting microphones down on top their lying lips, this incident would be all but over. Or, if the media would simply report honestly while telling the community that the police need time to investigate. And rather than do repetitive interviews with biased and racist negroes, perhaps have a legal eagle on board to explain to the community what takes place during these police investigations and why they take as long as they do. But no, the media is keeping the negroes agitated and active with 24/7 reporting and by interviewing any negro they can find. Most of whom know how to ‘play the game.‘ As the female negroes are advertised teary-eyed and in an inconsolable state. While the buck negroes are displayed as puppy eyed with a sad tale of perpetual victim-hood. And because of the way the media are operating, the negroes have now shut down a major thoroughfare in the heart of the city. Are threatening riots and the killing of police officers. All because the media are indirectly implying via sham interviews of nonsensical scenarios of how the two criminal blacks were innocent victims of police brutality and racism. And were merely walking down a street when they were approached by a mean and brutish cop who ordered them to ‘get off the street.‘ And when the nice negroes explained to the cop that they were, and that they would be off in just a sec, the cop screamed “I said get off the f’n street NOW!“ When what really happened was what I wrote above (in bold). The cop was investigating a theft at a local store. A store in which the two had just fled from after the theft. And the theft these two noble and gentlemanly negroes were accused? Stealing a couple dollars worth of candy. I mean really, why get violent and belligerent with an armed cop and then get yourself shot over a bag of Skittles?

This is such a simple and direct matter. And there’s really no unsolved mysteries or conspiracies about any of it. Yet the media is continually complicating matters by supporting what several black witnesses described. Which was that after the ‘enraged and racist cop’ told the two thieving blacks to get off the ‘f’n street now’ – and they didn’t move fast enough, he pulled his gun out and just started shooting. And, as the negroes describe it, the cop never even exited his vehicle. In other words, he just sat in his cruiser and gunned an innocent negro down in cold blood. And the thousands of negroes threatening violence, civil disobedience, riots and killing cops, are dense and dumb enough to actually believe this as truth.

And another thing that comes to mind, why was only one negro shot? I mean two were involved, why didn’t the ‘raaacist’ cop shoot both of them? Because the other one didn’t attack him! This is precisely why Rodney King was beaten, while the other two negroes in the car weren’t, they did as ordered. They got out of the car, put their paws up in the air and were arrested. Yet King hopped out like Super Fly or some mofo. Jivin’ about how he was going to kill ‘you cracker cops,’ ‘this be the night yall honky’s gone die’ he screamed over and over. And yes, he was beaten until he submitted. Which is why the White jury found the cops innocent. And of course later, a black jury convicted them. And for any who saw the entire video, and not just the last 30-45 seconds that the media hyped, both of the other negroes cooperated and were peacefully arrested. With one of the buck’s being approached, arrested and handcuffed by a frail White woman cop. And that’s what happens when you do as you’re told by authorities, you most likely won’t get beaten, you’ll just get arrested. And I in no way want to minimize the incidences where people are indeed harmed, beaten or shot by rouge cops. Of course that happens. But just not as much as the media portrays. And certainly not in most cases. And definitely not in this case. And PS, I bet you didn’t even know other negroes were in the car driven by King-Kong King – the media concealed that fact.

St. Louis County Police, who are now in charge of the investigation, held a news conference this late morning (8/10/14). And in the early investigations, it was reported that one of the two negro theft suspects shoved the cop as he attempted to exit his cruiser, shoved him back into the cruiser and then attacked the officer. And in a situation such as that, one must assume the negro was after his gun. And if not purposely after it, it must be visualized what would have happened had the negro even accidentally gotten control of the officer’s weapon. And I don’t know about anyone else but, when I go to work it’s to make a living. Not to defend my life. And even as dangerous as being a cop can be, I’m sure most of them feel the same way. Plus, cops are especially trained as to not allow a suspect to gain control of their weapon(s). Because as soon as they do, in all likelihood someone will be shot. The same as we tell our kids if approached by someone, do NOT get in their vehicle. Because as soon as you do, it’s over. That’s why we tell them to scream, yell, fight tooth and nail to stay OUT of that vehicle! Same principles. We fight for our lives not our deaths.

Eric Holder, the racist, anti-white ‘Justice Department’ HNIC has now instructed his crew to ‘monitor’ the situation in Ferguson, MO. Whatever that means. But if I were a cop in Ferguson, MO or St. Louis County, MO, I’d take that as yet another negro threat. So in essence the predominate White police force are fighting negro criminality, debauchery and a fool-hearty authoritative structure on two fronts. And as is said, foolish authority is the worst enemy of truth. Next to the jewish-dominated media, of course.

Also, outside of the jewish media, no inherently anti-white jewish groups had chimed in yet. These groups must be ‘monitoring’ the situation as well. As I’m sure they will become involved in one way or another and sooner or later. They may come in as legal council to the negroes or just wait until things are just about to cool down, when they enter the scene to rile the negroes back up again. Time will tell.

Two more items … I’m still wondering if the cop was black. … Whites in the area must be on guard for negro retribution attacks. But in a city of about 65% negro and 35% White, I’m sure they already realized that.

End of report 8/10/14.

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Sharpton coming to St. Louis – gotza keep dems niccas riled up!


8/10/14 – PM

The negro uprising continues – now that it’s dark and  all the negroes are up and active. There are reports of rioting, looting and burning. Along with attacks on vehicles occupied by Whites and on police vehicles.

St. Louis TV News Channels

This negro has live feeds with vids and images.
(Hell, he’s doing better ‘reporting’ than me).



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Brown and the negro uprising in Ferguson, MO.



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