Teen killed by cop, Ferguson, Mo, Michael Brown, Mike Brown, Teen shot dead by police in suburban St. Louis, Kill the Police! (3)

Darren Wilson friend ‘Josie’ calls radio station and tells what may be the closet truth to the shooting of Mike (Michael) Brown, Ferguson MO


Teen killed by cop, Ferguson, Mo, Michael Brown, Mike Brown, Teen shot dead by police in suburban St. Louis, Kill the Police! (4)

Click above for: Witness to Michael Brown shooting: “dude kept coming towards the police” video. Plus, cop’s identity revealed. Plus, these crimes; ‘2-yo female negro executed by gang-bangers, negro’s rape/murder a 9-yo female negro’ – why didn’t any negroes protest, riot, loot and burn over them?


All posts within this site concerning black Mike
Brown and the negro uprising in Ferguson, MO.


Well, as most already know, during the last few days the negroes have had themselves a nice little uprising within the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, MO. That’s in North St. Louis County and we call that area ‘negro town.’ Yeah, I’m from that area. And actually lived in Ferguson, MO when I was a kid. And that’s almost embarrassing to say now, because most people would assume that I had lived in negro town. But, no, that’s not the case at all.

Below, an excerpt from what I posted on a couple St. Louis news sites during this negro uprising:

“Man, I remember when Ferguson was a beautiful suburban community. With a population of about 30-32K and a lil, tiny police station with a handful of cops and a couple detectives. And in that small police department building, there was even a garage to maintain the police cruisers. So even as small as the building was, it wasn’t even all ‘police department.’

Now, Ferguson has a population of about 21K and a huge multi-story police department and an army of cops. Oh, and the city, it’s changed, it now has a black population of about 65%. And if the blacks keep it up, the police department building, that’s going to be the only building left within the city of Ferguson. Or, what’s become the ‘City of Ferguson.’ They use to have a sign at the borders that read something like; ‘Welcome to Ferguson, a city in progress‘ …. I wonder if… no, never mind….”

Yes, Ferguson, MO has changed. And for the worse I might add. Now it’s just an extension of the inner city of St. Louis. Just another negro f’n ghetto – that’s all Ferguson, MO is now. After Ferguson, we moved a few miles away to Spanish Lake, MO – and then when I got married and we had our first child, we had to flee even further. By that time, while the neighborhoods were White, the schools weren’t. And I wasn’t about to send my kid to a negro school. And BTW, I’m a refugee. I fled a black war zone man, aren’t I entitled to some refugee pay or something? Hell, the government never did send me my check. Matter of fact, I’ve been the one sending them MY checks! Hmmm.

Government, if you’re reading this, it doesn’t have to be cash. Food stamps, EBT card, Obamaphone, anything – I don’t care.

And BTW, I saw where the negroes had stated that back when Ferguson was White, they’d say, back when it was a ‘White redneck’ town. I guess everything’s alright now that it’s a ‘cool black town.’

I also posted the below around wherever I could on St. Louis media sites:

“Police were investigating a theft at a local store which led them to the two black suspects – when the suspects were located in the HUD apt. complex one refused to cooperate, resisted, attacked the cop and was shot. The perfect situation in which to be shot dead.”

And that was it in a nutshell. This is what happened and that’s why the negroes were protesting, rioting, looting and burning. They were rebelling alright, but it wasn‘t against cops, it was against their genes. But yes, this was all over a minor shoplifting investigation. The cop went to talk with the two negro shoplifters when the big one, standing upright at 6′ 3″ and weighing in at 300 lbs. attacked the cop. Shoved him back into his car while evidently attempting to take his gun. And the first shot came from inside the police cruiser. The other shots, no one knows for sure. But all the big negro had to do was as his skinny homeboy done. And that was to not get violent with the cop. And BTW, the race of the cop has been concealed thus far. The police chief did say yesterday (8/11/14) that by tomorrow at noon (8/12/14), he would release the cop’s identity. And I’m thinking the cop was black. And I think that because nary a negro, and that includes Al Sharpton, Eric Holder, the St. Louis local NAACP HNIC and none of the hundreds of ‘reverends,’ ‘community leaders, organizers or activists,’ and not during even one of the dozens of common field negro on the street interviews… right down to the looting thugs… did one ever say anything about ‘raaaaaaaacism!’ This has all been about ‘police brutality against the black race.’ Now, I may be wrong but, I think the cop was a negro. I mean if he were White, wouldn’t at least one negro had screamed ‘raaaaacism?’

Several people, surprised, asked me how I knew this – how did I know the cop was attacked. I mean the negroes were claiming the cop just pulled up and shot the negro dead. Didn’t even get out of his car they claimed. And how I knew it was, that was how it was first reported in the local media. But after the riots went national, the story changed. So if one didn’t see the first reports, they didn’t know the cop was attacked. As later reports only mentioned how the cop attacked the ‘unarmed negro youth.’

Below, a comment and post by someone (not me) from the St. Louis news message boards and social media sites etc:

“That so-called ‘kid’ has a rap sheet a mile long already. How about the true account as it appears on Facebook? Let’s take a look at that whole ‘innocent’ situation. The news media reported that an unarmed teen was shot 8 times and killed by a Ferguson Police Officer. Did you know that the unarmed teen was 6 foot 3 inches and 300 lbs, or that according to witnesses in the complex (not other police officers, WITNESSES IN THE COMPLEX), the unarmed teen along with another suspect blocked the officer’s vehicle from responding to a call by standing in front of it? After words were exchanged, the ‘innocent‘ teen rushed the officer tackling him back into the driver’s seat of the police car. As the unarmed teen was on top of the officer beating him to where his face has several contusions and his eye is still swelled shut this morning, the officer went for his gun and fired. I think we all agree that the officer should have let the unarmed teen beat him to death rather than fire the shot because he was an ‘unarmed teen‘ that was looking forward to going to college next week. After the round goes off, the unarmed teen backs out of the car and starts to walk away. The officer who was just severely assaulted by being punched in the head repeatedly, points his gun at the teen, tells him he’s under arrest. The unarmed teen turns and, according to witnesses, again the WITNESSES IN THE COMPLEX, the teen starts yelling at the officer daring him to shoot. He AGAIN rushes the officer at which point the officer, who was just beaten, fires at the unarmed innocent teen.”

EDIT: The below alleged police record may or may not be accurate.

Below, the rap sheet they were referencing:

Michael Brown’s rap sheet on casenet

Description: Burglary – 1st Degree { Felony B RSMo: 569.160 }
Date: 11/02/2013 Code: 1401000
OCN: AJ006207 Arresting Agency: ST ANN PD

Description: Armed Criminal Action { Felony Unclassified RSMo: 571.015 }
Date: 11/02/2013 Code: 3101000
OCN: AJ006207 Arresting Agency: ST ANN PD

Description: Assault 1st Degree – Serious Physical Injury { Felony A RSMo: 565.050 }
Date: 11/02/2013 Code: 1301100
OCN: AJ006207 Arresting Agency: ST ANN PD

Description: Armed Criminal Action { Felony Unclassified RSMo: 571.015 }
Date: 11/02/2013 Code: 3101000
OCN: AJ006207 Arresting Agency: ST ANN PD

Mike Brown’s rap sheet, Michael Brown’s police record, Ferguson, MO, Michael Brown’s Rap Sheet, Mike Brown’s Police Record, ETA, Expose Them All

This is what they were looting and burning down businesses over. And also, the oversized negro was a gang-banger. Shown below doing the V-L sign – ‘VL’ represents that he’s a member of the ‘Vice Lords’ tribe, err, gang. THIS is what the negroes are protesting, rioting, looting and burning over! A GD cheap street tramp. A thug, a criminal, a 100% first class POS!

EditEven more gang signs – no telling how many gangs this freak was a member of. Hell, as big as he was, he might have been his own gang.

Mike Brown displaying gang affiliation signs. Michael Brown, Ferguson, MO, killed by the police, Police Brutality, against the fine black race, ETA, Expose Them All
Mike Brown displaying gang affiliation signs. Michael Brown, Ferguson, MO, killed by the police, police brutality, against the fine black race, ETA, Expose Them All – Image Source

Below, an excerpt from what I posted on a couple St. Louis news sites:

“The media never mentioned anything about the Whites who were black-attacked last night – or the ones today, and won’t report on the ones that will be black-attacked tomorrow – because of this ‘racist’ negro uprising.”

Ah huh, not only are they rioting, looting and burning, they are also assaulting innocent White people. Such as a 20-something year old man and his girlfriend. As myself and the wife were watching live reports on cable, a camera began to scroll an area, a female negro was reporting, when up popped in the scene a White man lying on the ground. He was being treated by paramedics. With his GF in the background wiping blood from her face. Did the female negro reporter mention anything about it? Hahaha, come on man, this is jew-TV. And this was about ‘White raacism’ against noble, kind and innocent blacks. Not about enraged and hateful blacks committing hate crimes against Whites. F no she didn’t say anything about it. And as the black female was reporting, when her cameraman came across that scene, she stuttered before a brief pause, and then said something like, it looks like not only are the police present but also looks like EMS as well – and the camera kept scrolling – right past that scene. And that’s all there was to that. The camera never went back to the scene nor did she mention anything about it during later reports. Now to be 100% fair, the media was kept back from the rioting. And these were zoom shots – so it is possible she didn’t know exactly what was going on. And with the pause, live TV, maybe she was trying to figure it out but couldn’t in that brief moment. So that stutter and pause was either like; ‘damn, I came across some White victims and I can’t report that’ or… ‘I don’t know exactly what’s going on so I best not say anything.’ Even so, there were other White victims and the media also ignored them. Plus, me and the wife realized what was going on. It was obvious. But again, we were seeing a zoom shot while the female negro reporter was not.

Now, if this were indeed a black cop who shot the 18-yo gang-banging thug, rather than ‘White raacism’ as the cause. They will manipulate it into… it was a ‘racist White system’ which was the cause. That’s how these Communist and Marxists operate. Remember, these creatures, blacks, jews, anti-whites, they are not true liberals, they are much more dangerous than that. They are Communists and Marxists – which is just one short step away from being a murderous Bolshevik. They are anti-white and want nothing more than to see the demise of the White race. And also, they could never give up and just say; ‘darn, it was a black cop, guess we’ll just back on off now.’ And in no case will they blame this black criminal activity, arrogance and belligerence on the blacks themselves. Oh no, they’ll still come for the White man’s throat. As far as Liberalism, that’s what JFK was. And I wrote about that here – if any should want to read it. But blacks, jews and anti-whites, they are no JFK.

‘Loot … and rob them, not your own;’ Twitter negroes advise their brethren to loot White neighborhoods, Ferguson, MO, Mike Brown, Michael Brown, ETA, Expose Them All

Well, it’s after 6 am here and I need to leave in a bit. So I’ll post this and write more when I have time. Because I did have other things to write concerning this mess.

Excuse me sir, what’s going on over there?

Dats be wite racisms.

White racism is causing those buildings to burn?

Shoal is maing

Well, I mean, how is that possible, ah, did something else take place?

Yessah, de popo shots a black brotha foety, fiddy time

Oh, an African America was killed by the police huh?

Sho be mayne, he be an innocent brova who ain’t wuz violent and ain’t neba did no crime

Well, OK, I hate to hear that and thanks, well I’ll be seeing y…

Hole up muahfugga, drops yo wallet fo’ aye caps yo azz…

And that will conclude this report…


All posts within this site concerning black Mike
Brown and the negro uprising in Ferguson, MO.



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  2. mochamadness

    I really wish people would stop referring to criminal using respectable titles such as Mr., Miss, Ms., and Mrs. The courts (judges, lawyers, cops, etc) do that s**t also. There’s nothing respectable about criminals going around causing destruction and misery. Calling them Mr. and Mrs. actually tells them that you have respect for them even though they don’t deserve it.

    I also wanna say that if Mike has a juvenile record, its not gonna be made public. Juvenile records are kept confidential. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that an 18-year proud member of a gang most likely committed crimes when he was at least twelve. That’s one of the rules among gangs: start training future gang members at the earliest age possible. Don’t believe me? There’s a video on you tube showing a baby in diapers being coached by ignorant adults to not only cuss but speak gang-like terms and if not mistaken “throw up” gang signs. What a way to live life as a toddler. And the blame can’t be placed on racism, slavery, or the white race.

    Somebody posted a comment about how there are more white mass murders than blacks or something like that. That may be true, but at least white criminals don’t go around for years and years and years blaming blacks or racist blacks. Matter of fact, white criminals “keep it real” and say that they had a troubled childhood or that they were raised by unfit/abusive parents. Black criminals, on the other hand, refuse to acknowledge how their childhood and unfit parents impacted/influenced their adult life. It been in recent years that blacks even started revealing things about their lives on television, radio, and in books.

    Whites have been doing this for years because they (generally) believe in open forum discussions. Not so for blacks. Blacks believe in sweeping their dirt and wrong-doing under the rug. They refuse to smell the funk in their own backyards.

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  3. mochamadness

    @James…there’s nothing racist about this article. Nothing’s wrong about telling the truth. Blacks are justas, if not more, racist than whites. Trust me, blacks refer to whites using racial slurs all the time. I’ve heard them for years. I believe it actually makes these blacks feel good or feel whole to call white people “h**ky, “cr**ker,” and “cr**ka.” If so, then so be it. But if blacks don’t like being called the n-word, apes, and monkeys then they shouldn’t say/use racial words toward others.

    I wanna mention that there’s a book titled “SCAM” by Jesse Pederson or Peterson. In this book (and during speaking engagements), he reveals how black so-called leaders have scammed black people throughout the years. He also exposes the REAL DEAL as to why young black ar so anger and bitter toward white people or the white race. Black children, teenagers, and adults are angry and bitter because the majority of them have bad, ignorant, and unfit black parents. Black adults, including the elderly, aren’t they way they are because of racism or whites. It’s the excuses of racism and slavery they use for their behavior. Keep in mind that none of these blacks were actually slaves. They’ve put their foot in the shoes of actual slaves as truly believe they were slaves also.

    Jesse Pederson made a statement like, “Black people should thank God and whites for slavery.” And blacks lost their minds. Its not like he wanted blacks to have gone through slavery back then nor does he want blacks to experience slavery now. It’s just that ever since the end of slavery, a large number of blacks speak of slavery as if they were right there, chained side by side with people who were slaves. And that’s simply not the truth. Plus, Jesse Pederson feels as though countries in Africa are far worse than America. He saying that if it wasn’t for whites taking blacks out of Africa, blacks would be in worst shape. So why not thank God and whites for bringing blacks to America.

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  5. James

    You are truly an ignorant racist. You do nothing but propagate hate. All you are is an embarrassment to the white community.


  6. mochamadness

    Autopsy reveals that Michael wasn’t shot in the back. All shots were fired in the front while Michael was charging the officer. His partner in crime lied. Michael wasn’t shot in the back with his hands up in surrender. Michael also had marijuana in his system. His sorry, pathetic family has agreed that that is Michael in the QT store assaulting the clerk and stealing medicore item.

    Dumb a** people are offering to pay for his funeral while out of control blacks are tearing down the town. Once they tally the damage, they should give Michael’s parents the bill.

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  7. mochamadness

    though the answers were very obvious to Peter and the viewing public. If you can find a copy of that program, buy it. The title is something like Aids in Black America. You can also google it. It’s definitely online. Jesse Jackson and Bishop T.D. Jakes are also interviewed. Their answers are just as retarded as the down-low dudes. I now understand why Jesse was so evasive. An openly gay black male is suing Jesse for sexual discrimination and loss wages (or something similar). His name is Tommy Bennett and you can read about this explosive situation online. Unbelievable! I’ve always wondered why people respected Jesse. I thought/still believe he’s full of bulls**t. After reading about this lawsuit, I realized Jesse’s nothing but a phony, race baiter, scam artist.

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  8. mochamadness

    @HIV herpes in America,

    The reason(s) why black women are so std-infested is because hypesexual males and females were screwing each others brains out. And without using protection and regular check-ups, blacks were burning hotter than forest fires. But the sad part was that blacks, especially females, would brag about having and/or giving whomever an std. Crabs, herpes, gonorrhea, and syphilis was being spreaded for sport. No shame whatsover. Then health agencies reported the HIV/AIDS crisis, but it started out as a gay disease. Untila very large % of black women (especially) were becoming infected at the same alarming rate as gay males, if not faster. These females weren’t gay so they weren’t having sex with gay males. So, who was infecting these black women?

    It was black males who were having sex with other black males. Living on the down-low, bi-sexual black males were secretly having sex with other males, and not only with black males either. While in prison, black criminals have sex with each other. Some black males are openly gay while incarcerated and while so-called heterosexual black males degrade homosexuality, you best believe they will make a gay male their b**ch while behind bars. It remains a secret until the gay male tells it. The so-called heterosexual will tell of his gay sexual activities to other males on the down-low.

    The late, great Peter Jennings (RIP) conducted an interview with 6-7 black males from Atlanta (I think) who were:

    1.) married/living with a woman
    2.) posing as heterosexuals yet secretly having sex with other males
    3.) were hiv+ or had full blown aids
    4.) had infected their own wives, girlfriends, and other males and females

    What I remember the most about that revealing interview was the nonchalant attitude of these dudes. They could’ve cared less about how their dangerous lifestyle effected others. Peter asked very important questions, and these dudes didn’t/wouldn’t answer those questions, even

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  10. mochamadness

    hadn’t effected them whatsoever. That’s because robbing, stealing, and other types of crimes are considered business as usual. If something isn’t done to control blacks in Ferguson, this situation will get worse. Now a 12 midnight curfew has been issued for all who live in Ferguson. Wonder how long that’s gonna last.

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  11. mochamadness

    New and obvious details are being reported about this incident. Protestors in Ferguson are saying that Brown had his hands up in surrender. But how could he have had his hands up while knocking down the officer and attempting to get the officers weapon? There isn’t a magician on this planet who could accomplish that trick. Just because Michael was unarmed didn’t mean he wasn’t dangerous. Especially if he was a prime suspect in an armed robbery. Black parents (and others) always claim their son, daughter, whoever was a good kid/person even though the good kid/person is a criminal/troublemaker. And they know how this person is a bad seed. Multiply Michael Brown by the number of looters and you’ll get the number of hoodlums in Ferguson.

    What’s happening in Ferguson happens everyday in the majority of black neighborhoods and predominately black cities except for the rioting and looting. Check out Detroit and Chicago, for starters. But in Chicago, it’s mostly black on black crime so you won’t hear about Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson going there. Blacks aren’t getting shot and killed by whites so Al and Jesse can’t get blacks mad and angry. And they aren’t capable of conducting protests against their own people even though their own people are killing each other.

    But the second a white kills a black, you can count on at least one of them showing up to stage a peaceful rally turned full blown riot. And if you noticed a younger photo of Michael Brown is being shown. He didn’t look like that nor was he that young when he died. They’re attempting to make it seem the cop shot and killed a child. That’s not true because a child wouldn’t/couldn’t rob a store then walk out and walk outside as if a robbery didnt occur.

    But this is exactly what feral black males do on a daily, all day basis. It was no surprise when I read that Michael and/or his partner in crime was blocking traffic, including the officer’s patrol car. At the point, what happened in that

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  12. Anonymous

    Looting in your own neighbor….So typical of them.

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  13. Anonymous

    Unfortunately there are enough African Americans that commit crimes and violence to create a stereotype. Although this may not be the majority there are enough bad apples. If you want society to stop labeling African Americans stop doing things that label you. How about not ” LOOTING ” and destroying property. This only solidifies the stereotypes.

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  14. So you PUTTING OUT BULL :poop: that >> to QUOTE YOU>>>>>>>”EDIT: The below alleged police record may or may not be accurate.”. More of YOUR RACIST BAGGA BULL :poop:


  15. And a RACIST STRONG ARM charge , for a PUSH ?.. that was SHOPLIFTING at best, & what YOU BAGGAS would be charged with when YOU 7 YOURS STEAL


  16. Violent looters in STL

    One half of this population (one race) commits 92% of the murders and the other half of the population (all other races combined) commits 8% of the murders.

    The storeowner of QT is an innocent person who was bullied, pushed and robbed by a thug and later robbed again as other pos thugs arsoned his store. The thousands of blacks who have no walmart for food and no walgreens for medicine (insulin etc) and are wearing shoes they paid for in a honest manner are the ones not being heard while a few hundred gangbangers scream about their skin while looting and assaulting even more innocent people who never hurt anyone.

    There is not a CHILD called Mr Brown who was shot by a cop because actually Mr Brown really truly was a full grown azz man who made several very bad decisions. Actual children do not beat up storekeepers for blunt wraps. Criminals and their accomplices are the ones who are lying to you. I am glad the cop protected himself from the criminal. Isn’t everyone?

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    • sky

      This is unreasonable talk. African Americans are human beings. The problem with society is manners of thought processes of racism, stereo typing, and bigotry. I do not justify any act of wrong doing but the manner you think can not be taken seriously.
      All people have bad apples. Perhaps if Michael Brown was the perpetrator in this grainy surveillance video maybe he was a thug with strength. The cop had already shot him when MIchael Brown turned around with his hands going up. He was shot multiple times. There were too many witnesses to this action by the cop.
      As for the looting the looting; it is indeed wrong. I don’t understand how that will bring justice to the situation but I am sure it isn’t just African Americans involved in that matter.


      • To Sky Aug 16 comment

        Hello The STL crime statistics are a easily found public document. Not every black person in the world or every black person in America or every black person in Missouri is a criminal or “bad apple”; but in the STL area of Ferguson an incredibly high percentage of criminals or “bad apples” are located and listed in a population of 20,000 and 10,000 of those people actually do self identify as African Americans. All serious crimes are totaled every year in STL and they are listed in the official crime statistics of homicide, rape, etc with the race of the murderer, rapist, etc. Only 8% of all the homicides there are committed by a person who is NOT an African American. Of course other places in America have other statistics… but we are trying to discuss the STL Ferguson area of Missouri right now.

        Please understand that Mr. Brown is in the QT cigar theft video because this “bad apple” was with his friend Mr. Johnson who confirms this fact. Mr. Johnson says he was there at the QT with Mr. Brown about 10 minutes before Mr. Brown was shot.

        Please understand that Mr. Johnson and three of his other “bad apple” friends attacked a home depot employee with a hammer see: Aug 2013 kmov channel 4 news STL for that high quality quite clear store security tape.

        The Vice Lords is a gang and Mr. Brown was very proud of being a gangbanger and never hid that fact from anyone including his family. His explicit violent rap lyrics are available for your honest and meaningful review. Two shots in the face or ten shots in the back will be professionally documented in the soon to be released autopsy report as will pictures and xrays of the policeman’s face so we can analyze these facts and work together in a loving manner to help each other through an entire series of tragic events that affected thousands of residents in Ferguson horribly and shocked millions of online users all over the world.

        The QT storekeeper is a person and has a family also. The policeman is a person and has a family also. Let us not refuse their humanity at the risk of destroying our own humanity… please.


  17. Billy Bob

    Wow. Why can’t you just admit you’re an outdated ignorant cunt? Negro town? Seriously? Go kill yourself before your ignorance spreads to your children like the disease that you are.


  18. sky

    This is sad. Even if this 18 year old was heading on a wrong path it still is no justification for the officer to have shot him multiple times. As far as what I have read-Michael Brown had no weapon.


    • Violent looters in STL

      Did you not see the photo of Mr Brown? His white shirt is still white isn’t it? Multiple shots would have left a few red spots on that white shirt, right? All men, especially huge men, have a natural weapon called strength and crushing someone’s face with your fists can be, and often is, quite lethal. Why do you think bullets are the only way to kill another person (storekeepers and cops are PEOPLE), hmmmm?


  19. Anonymous

    The ignorance of all these comments make me sad. Why is violence the answer? How about just getting some sort of justice if that is the case? Why not act like civilized people? How does looting and physical violence bring any justice to this young man? They are using this young man’s death as an excuse to commit crimes to benefit themselves…


  20. Amber Kearbey

    Your an ignorant raciest hick who need to move far away from any sort of civilization. I feel sorry for your children to have a parent who would speak in such manor about something no one knows anything about including yourself. Your thoughts on the matter disgust me. Yes he may have had a juvenile record but so does half the whites I know in the county. No one but the so called ” home boy” and witnesses know anything. How dare you speak on the subject as if you were there and witnessed it. Either way the young man shouldn’t have been shot give more times after surrendering. He put his hands up if the officer would have let him dropped to the ground and called assistance to detain him he may still be alive. Police have protocol and his actions were not following protocol. Other officer should of radioed in for help after the first shot was fired. He was already wounded so even of he left the scene they would of eventually caught up with him because the wound would of needed to be treated. Please think logically before you you spread your ignorance and mislead others on the situation.


  21. Time for segregation, that will solve it.

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  22. Whatchusey

    What a racist piece of stool. White men stole most of this world from other races but now you’re the victim? Bush and Cheney stole from the Iraqis and killed, pilfered their oil and art.
    Yeah the negroes looted. How dumb. However you and your people are mass murdering, meth smoking, herpes HIV/Aids spreading, animal screwing, wife swapping freaks.
    Don’t ever get it twisted . There are more of you redneck trailer trash filth living off the government than any negroes.
    Go get a bottle of Mountain Dew and stick it up your dumb ass.


  23. Anonymous

    nigs gonna nog

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  24. Reblogged this on 247NewsFinance and commented:
    Today on #Twitter death threats are slowing the release of the policeman Accused of the Murder.
    Teen Mike Brown shot Multiple times from 35 feet. accused policemen may have shot black teen in the cop car when a struggle ensued.

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  25. the truth hurts

    The above casenet is an adult record, so it is not him. I’m sure if he did, the county office would have mentioned it. But you never know

    Cop could be Black, we’ll see soon


    • Well, you may very well be right – I mean I hope like hell whoever gave me that info wasn’t lying. I’m going to keep it up for now and will study it more later. And if it’s true, that he really doesn’t have a police record, I’ll remove that from this post.


    • Oh yeah, as far as the cop, the chief said he’d reveal that info by noon today. But it will be in the evening (or tomorrow morning) before I will know.


  26. the truth hurts



    FOX2now ✔ @FOX2now
    #STL County Prosecutors office confirms that Michael Brown had no adult criminal record
    4:24 PM – 11 Aug 2014 Ferguson, MO, United States

    So I guess that ruins your racist rant….


    • What about a juvenile record? Did he have one of those?


    • And BTW, you think the cop was black?


    • BTW, here’s the link … http://fox2now.com/2014/08/11/live-updates-michael-browns-family-speaks-about-police-shooting/

      Looks like they’ve got a nice setup now. Just like with Tray, they’ve kicked the step-daddy out of the picture and brought in the real father. And just like with Tray, they’re shown all cuddled up together with an inconsolable mother.

      Plus, the father is already sportin’ his memorial T-shirt while the mother looks like she just left a Macy’s department store. Same crap as Trayvon.

      And I really don’t want to minimize the hurt they must be feeling for the loss of their son. But it’s just that to me, this phony media display overshadows true hurt and pain. This is about cold hard cash now.


      • thirdwarning

        “And I really don’t want to minimize the hurt they must be feeling for the loss of their son.”
        Of course you do. Your next sentence makes that very clear. In fact, this whole excuse for a racist rant makes that clear. You posted the arrest record, calling it a rap sheet as long as your arm, without even bothering to check whether it was valid. Without, I might add, even looking at it. It’s one incident. And it doesn’t belong to the young man in question. But what do you care, as long as you get to display your ignorance and incite some hatred along the way?
        You based your whole story about what happened on some unverified Facebook post from an unknown source. I’d ask if you even tried to check it out, but I think we all know the answer to that one. That would be too much like honesty for you to even think of.
        You know what makes me the saddest about this whole piece of writing? You’ve revealed that you have children. I can only hope that your brand of vicious stupidity didn’t infect the next generation.


    • Adult Criminal Record for Mr Brown

      Hello Do you know how many months Mr Brown has been 18 years old? Not having an adult record at the age of 18 is pretty easy to accomplish. So this record you are speaking about is it 2 months of no crime or 5 months of no crime or 11 months of no crime? He was an adult of 18 years old when he attacked the storekeeper for some bluntwraps so had he been arrested instead of being shot he would have assault and robbery on his adult criminal record, correct?

      Liked by 1 person

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