War threat grows as Russia prepares to intervene in east Ukraine

Preparations for a Russian humanitarian intervention in east Ukraine are setting the stage for a military clash between Russia and the US-backed Ukrainian regime. As confusion increases over the positions of the different powers involved in Ukraine’s civil war, the risk of escalation into a world war, as the Ukrainian regime in Kiev would appeal to the United States and its European allies against Russia, is ever more starkly posed.

Yesterday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov claimed that Kiev had reversed itself and accepted Russian proposals for a humanitarian mission to bring basic supplies to the cities of Donetsk and Lugansk, which fascistic forces loyal to Kiev have surrounded and are mercilessly shelling.

“With careful optimism, I can now say that, I think, all possible and impossible pretexts have been dismissed. I hope that in the very nearest future, this humanitarian action will take place under the authority of the Red Cross,” Lavrov said. The mission would ostensibly bring emergency supplies to the two cities, which are now without electricity, water, or re-supply of food. Over one million people face starvation and possible epidemics. Over 700,000 Ukrainians have already fled to Russia.

At the same time, Russian military officials are clearly preparing for large-scale combat along the Ukrainian-Russian border. NATO claimed that 45,000 Russian troops are massing along the border, and Russia carried out large-scale air exercises last week. As he visited Russia’s 15th Motorized Rifle Brigade, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu told the troops: “The world has changed drastically. As you know from past incidents, including the experience of this brigade, peacekeeping units can be called upon unexpectedly.”

The Western-backed offensive by the Kiev regime in east Ukraine has placed Europe and the world on the brink of war. Serious questions are raised by the sudden shift in the position of Washington and the Kiev regime to possibly allow a Russian humanitarian intervention in Ukraine. Even if these statements were being made in good faith, which is by no means clear, there is no guarantee that either Obama or Poroshenko exercise effective control over the CIA operatives, Blackwater mercenaries, and Ukrainian fascist militias who would face a Russian aid convoy on the ground. SourceRelated


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