World War 3 Inevitable due to economic crisis says analysts – Russian MP warns Poland and Baltic States they will be ‘smashed’

This entire world is screwed up and most don’t even realize it’s the jews who did it.

World War 3 may be an inevitable result of global economics and financial cycles according to investors and analysts who believe it’s not just the Ukraine crisis that will be the tipping point toward war.
In a related report by The Inquisitr, some journalists claimed earlier this year that the Ukraine crisis had already started World War 3 and we just did not recognize it yet. But while everyone hopes that is not the case, even members of the U.S. Senate like Dianne Feinstein believe that Cold War 2 has already begun. The saber rattling only intensified in recent weeks when Russian bombers carrying nuclear weapons were spotted buzzing the U.S. coasts of California and Alaska.

>Who will be at fault for this coming confrontation is often disputed. For example, some reports from Reuters seriously claimed that the U.S. Space Command was planning a nuclear weapons strike on Russia and China. Economist and investment manager Marc Faber says the Obama administration may start new wars in response to the economic crisis:

“The next thing the government will do to distract the attention of the people on bad economic conditions is they’ll start a war somewhere… If the global economy doesn’t recover, usually people go to war.”

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, member of the Russian Parliament and the leader of the nationalist Liberal-Democratic Party made a statement yesterday warning Poland and the Baltic States about the the threats they face in view on the Russia-Ukraine crisis.

“What will be left out of Baltic countries? Nothing,” Zhirinovsky said. “NATO airplanes station there. In Poland there is an anti-missile system. The fate of Baltic countries and Poland is decided. They will be smashed. Nothing will remain there.”


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