Proof of The Jewish-Zionist Takeover of the BBC!

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is the world’s best known international broadcaster, and with over 23,000 staff, certainly the largest. It is a public service broadcaster which is owned by the British government, has an annual revenue of in excess of £5 billion ($8.4 billion), primarily funded by an annual television tax charged to all households in Britain.

The BBC is supposed to be “independent”—but, as a close study of its inner workings, controlling figures and methods of indoctrination show, it is, as of August 2014, nothing more than yet another Jewish Supremacist-controlled propaganda outlet.

The current head of BBC Television is the Jewish Supremacist Danny Cohen—who, prior to his April 2013 appointment to that position, was the Controller of BBC One, the BBC’s principal television channel in the United Kingdom.

Danny Cohen is not only a dedicated Zionist-Jewish Supremacist, he is of elite Jewish pedigree that is specially honored by Jews all over the world, and that has special status in Israel. Cohen is a “Kohen,” plural Kohanim, the most revered Jews of Judaism and of Israel. In fact, although Israel has laws against marrying non-Jews, some exceptions are sometimes allowed for converts. However, the Kohanim, as the elite of the Jews, have even more stringent proofs of pure Jewish racial descent than than that of SS elite in National Socialist Germany.

In Israel the Israeli Government under the control of the head rabbis, will not allow a Kohen to marry even a Gentile convert to Judaism! In fact, in Israel a Kohen by law cannot marry any “Jew” that has a single drop of non-Jewish blood. Much more here

Danny Cohen, head of BBC TV, jewish TV, jewish owned media, ETA, Expose Them All


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