RIP Jamestown Mall – destroyed by the Michael Brown’s of the world – the negro menace, the negro a beast, negro funk — Teen killed by cop, Ferguson, Mo, Michael Brown, Mike Brown, Teen shot dead by police in suburban St. Louis, Kill the Police! (7)

Pics I took in 2003-04 of River Roads Mall - Jennings, MO (near Ferguson) (18)

As James Edwards of ‘The Political Cesspool Radio Show’ says from time to time on his show; “you can’t have a first world nation with a third world population.” And he’s either right or he’s wrong. You know what I’m saying? The dude has at least a 50% shot at it one way or the other. And at least a 50% chance of it going his way. I mean, what are the odds of him being 100% correct? And hell man, if anyone did agree with him, they’d be ‘racist.’ So no, I can’t agree with him nor will I disagree with him. I’m just going to play dumb on this one. Much safer that way.

But you know, I’ve always heard an area can be classified or categorized of quality of living by it’s shopping areas. And if an area doesn’t have a decent one, that would be an area where no one, or at least the few, would desire to reside. And the shopping areas of any town are based on the people in which do reside in that particular area. Or, as in the case of rural areas, the lack of people who reside within them. If there’s a small population, chances are, there won’t be any huge Sears, Macy’s or JCPenney’s (etc) stores around. Or, if there’s the ‘wrong’ type of population, the same can be said.

But, what if these stores and many others, did exist. Yet for some reason, they just, almost like overnight, vanished? Well, that’s when you’ve got a first world people who left, and a third world ‘people’ who replaced them.

The below are just a few malls the negro beast had destroyed and just in the St. Louis area. I could have posted at least another half dozen more without giving it much thought. And if I actually looked, and studied into the thing, I know I could have found at least another dozen. St. Louis, like many areas in America is in decline. And the reason for its decline is obvious. Why even go into it? Yet I did want to show just one more example of what the Michael Brown’s of the world have done against St. Louis. I mean besides making many areas of St. Louis uninhabitable and no-go zones for Whites, besides making St. Louis the #1 murder capital of the nation in years past, besides making many areas so unsafe that women can’t even take a walk or jog alone, so unsafe that young college girls can’t walk from their apartments to their cars without being literally shot down and killed over their cell phones – and so dangerous that a grown man dare tread without being strapped to the hilt. The black bastards have even destroyed the shopping malls! Like man, how does one accomplish that!?

I mean it’s almost like there’s something that falls off negro skin, like some type negro funk, that just suffocates the life out of anything and everything it comes in contact with. And for the longest time I just thought that this poisonous negro funk only affected live things. You know, like redbirds, squirrels, rabbits, grass, trees, stuff like that. But later on, I came into the realization that its cause to much more damage. Yes, it’s much more potent than I had first realized. As that toxic sht not only destroys storm doors and has them dangling on partial hinges, makes 1972 Cadillac’s appear in front yards, yes! it even suffocates the life out of shopping malls! I mean I’ll be a SOB man! Is James Edwards correct? I can’t say but I do know, when the negro beast moves in – shopping malls die a hard and fast death!!!!

RIP Jamestown Mall – Florissant MO – near Ferguson MO – destroyed by the negro menace, ETA, Expose Them All

RIP Northland Shopping Center – Jennings-Ferguson MO area – destroyed by the negro menace, ETA, Expose Them All

RIP River Roads Mall – Jennings MO – near Ferguson MO – destroyed by the negro menace, ETA, Expose Them All


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Link to PDF file here – either right click and ‘save as’ or just click to review

Link to PDF file here – either right click and ‘save as’ or just click to review

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Brown and the negro uprising in Ferguson, MO.


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