Jewish former NY City medical examiner and ‘expert court witness’ brought in to perform for the next act — Preliminary Autopsy Report (Autopsy Number One and Two), Riot, Protest, Loot, Burn, Teen killed by cop, Ferguson, Mo, Michael Brown, Mike Brown, Teen shot dead by police in suburban St. Louis, Kill the Police! (9)

Jewish former NY City medical examiner and ‘expert court witness’ brought in to perform for the next act

Jewish professional witness Dr. Michael Baden contradicts renowned forensic pathologist Dr. Mary Case. Narrows it down to ‘only one of the two head shots were fatal.’ And how convenient is that? The shot he claims was the fatal blast was the one at the top of Brown’s head. Which of course would correlate with what the now thousands of black ‘eye-witnesses’ have described. That Brown was on his knees with his paws in the air and his head bowed down while he was attempting to give-up.

Yet in Dr. Mary Case’s partially released report, it reveals how either one of the two head shots could have been fatal (imagine that). Either the one at the top of Brown’s skull, or the one which entered his right eye and rolled around his skull before ending up in his chest. But that one, according to $2500.00 a day (plus expenses) jew professional court witness Baden, wasn‘t the fatal shot. It was the one in which the millions of black eye-witnesses described. Again, where the innocent, non-violent, college-bound, unarmed black youth was on his knees attempting to ‘give up’ to the bad, racist White cop.

Also of note, Baden didn’t have access to the clothing worn by Brown. Which of course would have allowed him to actually perform a complete analysis of the body, evidence and maybe even a couple of accurate details which may or may not have brought forth logical and conceivable scenarios. However, St. Louis County refused to release clothing worn by Brown. And refusing to release ‘Big Mike’s’ clothing (to private court witness Baden) makes perfectly good sense. As his clothing would contain important information and vital evidence should they find reason to railroad the White cop into a court fiasco. Thus all the jewish ‘private expert witness’ received was the body. And that had been released to the family to do with whatever they wanted.

The anti-white and racist Obama/Holder duo have also ordered themselves an autopsy. Yes, a third one. Can you believe that? And I’d bet that one would include Brown’s clothing. This is the autopsy that worries me, as they will be able to taint the evidence in their favor. Even though I’m sure that would be almost impossible in normal circumstances, as St. Louis County would have everything organized and recorded in meticulous detail, still, you’re talking about ‘Big Brother’ here – and County employees just may be ‘gotten too.‘ As far as all these autopsies, like one commenter posted with sarcasm, ‘I’m just not going to make a decision until there’s been at least 100 autopsies.’

Dr. Mary Case’s report also disclosed how Brown had been sucking on some green tobacco prior to his il-advised incident with the cop. Yes, he had marijuana in his system. Huge surprise there hey? At least it does prove ‘Big Mike’ was a ‘little’ off balance and may have even been high as a kite when he attacked that cop. And one may assume he was planning on getting even higher by stealing those cigars or at least the cigar wraps. Cigars in which the negro removes the cigar tobacco and then re-stuffs the empty wrappers with weed and other mind-altering drugs.

Jewish former NY City medical examiner and 'expert court witness’ brought in to perform for the next act, ETA, Expose Them All (6)

Jewish former NY City medical examiner and 'expert court witness’ brought in to perform for the next act, ETA, Expose Them All (5)

Below, at least two shots could have been fatal… (link)

Jewish former NY City medical examiner and 'expert court witness’ brought in to perform for the next act, ETA, Expose Them All (3)

One thing the jewish former NY City medical examiner couldn’t contrive was, that black youth Brown was ‘running away’ from the White cop and was shot in the back. Which is the scenario many of the black ‘eye-witnesses’ had described.

Baden: Mr. Brown, 18, was also shot four times in the right arm, he said, adding that all the bullets were fired into his front.

The autopsy also showed that two of the bullets struck Brown in the head and that the bullets entered his body from the front. Some witnesses had said over the past week that the officer, identified as Darren Wilson, shot Brown from behind.

Baden did not have access to Brown’s clothes…

Autopsy Shows Michael Brown Was Shot From The Front, Consistent With Claims He Charged Officer

Noted pathologist Michael Baden’s autopsy of Ferguson, Missouri’s Michael Brown seems to have discredited stories told by several eyewitnesses that the NFL lineman-sized man was shot in the back and “executed” by a local police officer. Simultaneously, the autopsy is consistent with the recently discovered eyewitness account of the shooting captured in the audio of a YouTube video taken minutes after the shooting that suggests Brown was attempting to attack officer Darren Wilson a second time when he was killed.

Dr. Michael Baden, who conducted the autopsy at the request of Brown’s family, talked to Bill Hemmer by phone this morning. His findings do not line up with witnesses who have claimed that Wilson shot Brown from behind.

Meanwhile, these two geniuses, the Parks and Crump duo, looking for their next million-dollar handout,  claims…

Daryl Parks, co-counsel for the Brown family, said Brown’s head wounds indicate they came from behind. The one that struck the top of his head would have caused him to immediately lose consciousness. The other went in near his hairline and exited near his right eye.

It shows a back-to-front of both of those. And it supports what witnesses said about him trying to surrender to the officer. And his head was in a downward position. Had to be for what happened,” said Parks.

Jewish former NY City medical examiner and 'expert court witness’ brought in to perform for the next act, Mike Brown, Michael Baden, ETA, Expose Them All (1)

F all dems ‘White medical expoets’ maing, weez be knowin what
really went down… dat youff done be capped in de back jack…

Mike Brown High as a Kite At Time Of Cop Attack: Report

Michael Brown stoned to the bone: medical examiner

Jewish former NY City medical examiner and 'expert court witness’ brought in to perform for the next act, Mike Brown, Michael Baden, ETA, Expose Them All (6)

The family’s autopsy, performed Sunday at Austin A. Layne Mortuary in Jennings, leaves unanswered questions and differs slightly from what few details have been released about the autopsy conducted by St. Louis County’s medical examiner, Dr. Mary Case. Her office, so far, has said only that Brown died of gunshots to the head and chest, and would not comment further on Baden’s preliminary findings of his belief that only the shot to the top of the head would have been fatal.

It’s not clear how far Brown was from Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson when the officer opened fire. Baden found no gunshot residue, which would indicate an extremely close-range shot, on Brown’s body. But Baden didn’t have access to Brown’s clothing, which is still being held by St. Louis County police.

Baden said he found no injuries that would indicate a struggle with Wilson (the cop)

(Note: It wasn’t the negro injured from attacking the cop – the cop’s the one who had the injuries – the above was yet another jew-media BS ‘report.’)

Baden said the word that best encapsulates him in both his job and his life is more descriptive than defining: interloper.

“I’m not a cop,” said the co-director of the State Police Medicolegal Investigation Unit (formerly the Forensic Sciences Unit). “We don’t have a commonality in background and knowledge.

“I always felt like an outsider,” he continued. “I always felt like an outsider because I was Jewish . . . because I had very few friends . . . because I went to reform school.”

Because Baden is often called by the defense, some cops and prosecutors have tagged another label on him: Whore. If you’ve got Baden’s fee of $2,500 a day plus expenses, you have yourself a witness.
“State Police have gotten calls from prosecutors in many other states saying, `How can you let Baden testify against us?’ ” Baden acknowledges.

Right there goys, err, boys, that’s it, that’s the one that proves the dirty White cop is a racist, anti-semite and that he gunned that unarmed and innocent Mexican, err, Chinaman, ahh ‘black youth’ down in cold blood – now, about my fee…

Jewish former NY City medical examiner and 'expert court witness’ brought in to perform for the next act, ETA, Expose Them All (4)

Who Is Dr. Michael Baden, the Coroner That Examined Michael Brown?

“Michael never saw a camera he didn’t like.”

“He is very bright, but he has a propensity for giving out statements and testimony which are not entirely accurate.”

This pathologist, who requested anonymity because of the extraordinary controversy of the Brown case, was particularly critical of Baden’s work in Missouri. He said Baden was way too confident for someone who hadn’t seen x-rays, clothing, or lab reports, “all of which can be important.” It was also worrying that Brown had been embalmed, because that would alter the color of the wounds, potentially throwing off Baden’s analysis of entry and exit wounds, and his count of six bullets.

It could be that only three bullets made those wounds,” the pathologist said.

As it stands, Baden’s testimony aligned with the portrait of events provided by Michael Brown’s lawyers. He said there were “no signs of struggle” and he predicted that his report would be supported by the official ones that follow.

Below, Michael Baden with his jew wife Linda Kenny Baden. She works as an attorney and is probably most famous for defending fellow jew Phil Spector in his murder trial of White Christian Lana Clarkson. A trial in which the oddball jew was convicted, and, at 69 years of age, received a sentence of 19 years to life. Which would mean, at minimum, he would be 88 years old prior to his first parole hearing. Miss Clarkson, a down on her luck one-time “B” movie actress was working as a waitress at a local restaurant. When she caught the eye of diner and freak Spector. Who invited her back to his castle style mansion, where he shot her dead. Shot her in the mouth in some type deranged jew thrill kill game. He then claimed she ‘committed suicide’ and that became the crutch of his defense. But his butler, or chauffer, or someone like that, whom had heard the shooting and then saw him running from the mansion while screaming ‘I killed her, I killed her.’ And the jewess Baden just wasn’t able to mount a defense to overcome his testimony. It’s really an interesting case and I would encourage any who so desires to look into it. Plus, search info concerning the mansion and it’s history as well. And I use the word ‘interesting’ because it is. But it’s more a tragedy than anything else. As an innocent White woman did lose her life when she became the unwitting participant of a sick jew game. One in which she lost everything in just one moment in time. The freak should have been fried.

Jewish former NY City medical examiner and 'expert court witness’ brought in to perform for the next act, ETA, Expose Them All (8)

Here’s yet another jew ‘expert’ (Lawrence Kobilinsky) – they just crawl out of the woodwork en mass and at jew-media beckoning. He stated what was already known and the obvious, but then promoted the illogical. He claims the cop should have fired only one shot. Just one itty bitty shot is all. Any more than that and it may have hurt the enraged and stoned negro. And as I had posted in the comments section, under ‘Mike McCain,‘ where I wondered aloud… if the 6‘-3″ – 300 lb. pitbull would have been on top of him, would he, the jew at the link, have fired just one shot? Of course not, because first off, when one is in that situation, people really don’t know what they’d do. And this jew bastard would have probably been so scared he would have just froze. But I think I know what I’d personally do if it were me who the 300 lb gorilla was on top of. I’d either empty my gun into the creature and then run like hell. Or, I’d cap him 2-3 times and then look around to see who else wanted some – and then I’d run like hell. I mean I wouldn’t care how many negro’s I had to shoot in self-defense. As long as I could run like hell and get out of there when my heater was on E. But as far as the cop who shot Brown or any other cop for that matter… ‘freezing’ – that’s the last thing they are trained to do. Plus, contrary to what the conniving jew fool said (in the video at link), which was; “cop’s are trained to stop an assailant,” yeah, true, but, when their lives are at stake, they are trained to kill. And the “kill” part potentially starts at exactly the moment they are forced to pull out their weapon. Because if it wasn’t a life or death situation, they wouldn’t have even un-holstered that weapon. So F this fool with his BS theories. Let one of these feral apes hop on you, and you’re just going to stand there with a side arm full of bullets while being black-attacked? Or if you do shoot, you’re going to fire off just one ‘little ole round?’ No sh*t jew, what would you really do? Fire a warning shot into the air? Or attempt to reason with the beast… hey negro, if you strike me again, I’ll, I’ll… shoot you in the small toe. Yes I will, so please get your hands off of my throat… pretty please – sugar on top? Huh jew, is that what you’d do? Screw that noise. You’d treat that SOB like a Palestinian and you know it. Once you started shooting you wouldn’t stop until there wasn’t a meat particle large enough to shoot. So F you man. WTF are these jews doing in the mix anyway? Agitating sh*t like they always do.

Piss on all the phony noise this jew and all other jews who have been promoted on TV as of late because of the Mike Brown BS. That sh*t out on the streets isn’t BS, that stuff’s real. And the White cop knew it. And all cop’s better know it. And what happened in Ferguson wasn’t a game being played out. It was real and it was forever. But this time its… cops 1 – negroes 0. And the negro’s just don’t like that score. Yet they have a media full of conniving jews, cunning jews who not only send camera’s out wherever the negro’s call a worthless ‘news conference,’ but also for any jew who crawls out of the woodwork and wants to climbs on that screen. And the screen, it’s nothing but an illusion, while those on it illusionists. F em – F em all… Only a F’n idiot would believe any of it. That negro wasn’t attacked because he was black, he attacked the cop because he was a negro. Why? Because that’s what negro’s do!

The last thing I wanted to cover in this post, was about jews and blacks. And rather than go into an off-topic synopsis, I’ll just drop the below links and you take it from there. And like I’ve said many times, I’m not trying to ‘solve the crime.’ In other words, I’m not trying to persuade you into any kind of belief. All I want to do is toss you a little ammo and let you take it from there.

jewish owned media

jews and black slavery

The Suppressed History between Jews and Blacks

jews and black civil rights

jews are anti-white


All posts within this site concerning black Mike
Brown and the negro uprising in Ferguson, MO.

Winking Monkey, ETA, Expose Them All


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PS. I don’t care about any ‘third party’ notices and most likely will not honor nor respond to them.

Also, remember, don’t dispute what I write, just continue to call me ‘racist’ etc. OK? Cause that’s all you bastards have… is that jew ‘racist’ BS.

Oh vey, he’s ‘raaacist’ and I’m ‘offended’ – and I’ll go back tomorrow, see what he wrote, and be ‘offended’ all over again.

ETA – Expose Them All


EDIT; Links from Drudge:

REPORT: Ferguson Officer Suffered 'Orbital Blowout Fracture to Eye Socket'...

REPORTER: More than dozen witnesses confirm Ferguson cop's version of shooting...

'Michael Brown rushed officer'...

REPORT: Cop Suffered 'Orbital Blowout Fracture to Eye Socket'...

Investigation Could Take Months...

Militant protesters growing in number, many coming from out-of-state...



Dead Teen's Grandfather to Obama: I Voted for You, So Come Meet Me...

BUCHANAN: 1960s-like Riots Could Cause Voter Rebuke For President...

KURTZ: Some Liberal Outlets Creating 'Almost Lynch Mob Mentality'...

MSNBC Crew Hit With Rocks During Live Coverage...

Trayvon Martin's Mom: 'We Will Make Them Feel Us'...



St. Louis TV News Channels


Death of Brown gets more coverage than another

I am wondering why you have given such an inordinate amount of sympathy to the fracas surrounding the death of Michael Brown and why, in comparison, you gave so little space to the equally senseless death of Megan Boken. Why was her life so much less important than his? She had gone to college (she was employed) and was here to benefit the school from which she graduated.

 What, in his lifetime, had Michael Brown done to capture your sympathy and your incredible unending belief that those in/of his surroundings are deserving of the life Ms. Boken was living because of a dedication to hard work and extra effort she made to secure that life. Can we assume that there is a phenomenal component of jealousy that made Ms. Boken, in your eyes and the actions of the protesters, a less important human being?

Ruth Karraker  •  St. Louis County

The above commentary and questions were taken from the St. Louis Post Dispatch. And thus far, have remained unanswered. The young girl she is referencing, Megan Boken, was slaughtered by two male negro beasts. She was slaughtered in the mean streets of St. Louis over her mobile phone.  And the woman above, who wrote the short piece is correct, the ‘St. Louis Post Disgrace’ and all other St. Louis area media were like ho hum over the young woman’s death. White death means nothing. Only blacks matter to St. Louis media. This is why I have no sympathy for the likes of the Michael Brown’s of the world. They have none for me or mine, why should I theirs?

Megan Boken, Keith V. Esters, Johnathan Terrell Perkins, ETA, Expose Them All


 Eyewitness Claims Michael Brown Moved Towards Darren Wilson Before He Was Shot (Video)



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