St. Louis negro and shoplifter ‘Kajieme Powell’ capped cold — came at cops wielding a knife while screaming; ‘shoot me, shoot me motherf-ckers!’

St. Louis negro and shoplifter ‘Kajieme Powell’ capped cold — came at cops wielding a knife while screaming; ‘shoot me, shoot me motherf-ckers!’

Police were responding to a shoplifting call – to where Powell was awaiting them. If he would have had a gun, it could have been another ambush – such as was the case recently with Jersey City cop Melvin Santiago. Where police had responded to what they thought was a ‘robbery in progress.’ But it was actually a well planned ambush. The black killer laid in hiding, waiting for the first cop(s) to show up on scene. And once they did, the killer emerged from hiding and shot Santiago dead. Santiago was a rookie. And most likely never had a ‘close call.’ But the first one he did get, would also be his last.

I’m not necessarily pro-cop. I think many of them are belligerent, egotistical pr*cks. But I also understand that policing negroes is dangerous business. And sometimes it’s life or death. And unfortunately for some negroes sometimes, it equates to their death. As is the case of Kajieme Powell. Personally I wouldn’t want to be a cop. But if I were one, it sure wouldn’t be in an inner-city area overflowing with dangerous and insane negroes.

And while many will second guess the cops, ohhh why didn’t they just wait another second, why didn’t they use their tasers, why didn’t they this, why did they do that? In this case, did they have enough time? They arrived on scene and were immediately set upon by a deranged and screaming negro with a knife. But hey, maybe they could have waited just one more millisecond. Waited for the negro to get right up on them rather than the 4-5 feet he was. That would have been very dangerous and in all likelihood, would have only delayed the inevitable. And a taser? Why? So the negro ends up with a taser prong in his chest, while the cop chances a knife to his heart? I don’t think so

There just wasn’t much the cop’s could do. The negro wanted suicide by cop, placed himself in the perfect position for suicide by cop. And you know what? He got suicide by cop. The End.


Video, 911 call of fatal St. Louis officer-involved shooting released



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