If A Picture Is Worth A 1000 Words, What Does THIS Say About Barack Obama?

Negroes simply DO NOT make good leaders. They are criminal, selfish, egotistical and well, they just don’t give a sh*t. As soon as they ‘gotz mines’ that’s all they want. They are satisfied. Also, besides just plain not giving a sh*t, most negroes are devoid of the intelligence necessary to make or organize a plan. Plus, when they get in a bind, which is all the time, they consistently make even worse choices than they did before. I do not know of even ONE decent so-called black ‘leader.’ And as far as I am aware, everything they touch turns to sh*t. Look at any American inner city that is run by a negro, every damn one of them are broke, crime ridden and beyond dirty. With many of them suing in the courts to either force whitey to pay for their broken schools, or, for whitey to bus their black children to White schools. Look at any nation that is run by negroes, the same thing… these nations are most likely broke, dirty, disease ridden and may even be at war with a nation as equally disgusting as theirs. Or, at minimum have warring factions within them slaughtering and destroying poverty stricken, defenseless villages comprised of old men, women and children. Negroes; every thing they do is all about ‘aye gotzs mines’ (and F everyone else) and/or, they turn whatever they touch to sh*t. Negroes don’t lead, they loot, burn, destroy, rape, rob, steal and murder!

Obama is no different. A negro is a negro is a negro. You can dress them up anyway you want, but underneath, you’ve still got yourself a negro. You can call them ‘sir, mayor, reverend, police officer or even president’ but again, all you really have is a negro. As a side note, have you noticed how White preachers no longer call themselves ‘reverends?’ They will go by any name other than that one because negroes have even ruined the name. All those phony negro ’reverends’ out there. Now one has ruined the office and title of President of the United States. And I didn’t even think that possible. But obviously it was. Negro Obama, he don’t give a damn about anything but himself. Obama the “Leader?” Ha.

If A Picture Is Worth A 1000 Words, What Does THIS Say About Barack Obama, ETA, Expose Them All



EDIT – Video added

 BREAKING: Right After Statement On ISIS, Obama Returned To The Golf Course


Obama Stands Alone: Even the media are baffled by his deepening isolation


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