Jewfish devours 4′ shark — ‘Goliath Fish’

Jewfish, very, very special fish…

The ‘Jewfish’ – now known as the ‘Goliath Fish’ – but prior to 2001, it was called the ‘Jewfish.’ Because of it’s gluttonous ways and its trait of being a vicious predator. One that would devour anything and everything in its path and even when it wasn‘t hungry. Prior to 2001, the Jewfish was a lesser known fish. And what brought it to light in the internet-age was… two amateur fisherman caught a small and young one. And not knowing exactly what the ugly creature was, through intrigue and curiosity, they kept it. They tossed it into their aquarium with dozens of other fish. And after a few days they noticed their tank seemed to contain less and less fish. Confused and curious, they allowed it to continue. And day after day, the tank became lesser and lesser populated. Until the day came when the only thing left was that one fish. They contacted a friend who knew fish species. And when the friend arrived and took a gander at the fat and repulsive looking fish, he told them; ’that’s a greedy and gluttonous Jewfish.’ And the two posted their experiences and finds on the internet, and the story grew until it became viral. And with the story becoming ever popular, more and more people became aware of the Jewfish and its ravenous ways. Many people began to correlate the Jewfish’s ways with that of the jew. And as a result, many jokes were made. And of course the ever sensitive jew became offended and demanded the name of the fish be changed. And it was. A fish that had been known as the Jewfish for many centuries was indeed changed… from ‘Jewfish‘ to ‘Goliath fish.’

Yet for me, whenever I see or read a story about the greedy jew, errr, Jewfish, it will always remind me of the Jewfis… errr, the jew. And of course, that’s how the Jewfish got its name to begin with, because its traits are identical to the jew. Of course the way the jew lies, they claim it’s was named “Jewfish’ because centuries ago the fish was eaten primarily by jews and was a delicacy to them. BS. That fish was named because it’s just like a jew. And it may even lie like one, I don’t know for sure. But I could just hear the Jewfish in open ocean, c’mere my little white fishy, come closer, closer…closer… I want to tell you about diversity, multiculturalism and about how us kind, considerate Jewfish are very, very special fish… otay… CHOMP-CHOMP!

Jewfish Grouper eats 4ft shark in one bite


jews, the name changers


Here’s another tale of the Jewfish, named ‘Flazey’ for fat and lazy…

“Jew fish Attack” – a watercolor sketch by Vance A. Johnson

Oy vey, i’z been reincarnated into a feesh – I vonder,
vhat kind of feesh do a jew get reincarnated into?


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