British Children’s books “Have Too Many White Faces” says female negro.

British Children’s books “Have Too Many White Faces” says Black woman.

All yall gotz ta know it beez ‘racist’ for all dems wite faces be in de precious black chillins books. And ob course us black folk can’t write our own books cause de ‘racist’ publishers won’t publish dems.  An is dis ‘racisms’ keep up like dis, weez gone habs move back ta my motherland nation in Africa – keep whining and crying until de jewish press makes yall crackas do what we wants yall ta do. And weez also be demanded moe black faces on de TB, in radio and in gobment. Plus, weez demanded moe black immigration and more food stamps and money and betta free housing. An is all yall ain’t give in ta our demands weez gone riot an burn all yalls cities down ta de groun. Weez jus be innocent victims ob wite opression and we jus come fo’ our betta lives and dats all we be doin. So No Moe ‘Racisms!’ Weez jus ain’t be toleratin no moe troubles from wite folk!


Children’s Laureate, Malorie Blackman told Sky News that she believes “young adults” (non-White teenagers) would be more interested in reading books if the books were written about them.

That’s not to say that children and young adults only want to read about themselves,” she said.

Of course not – you want to escape into fiction as well and read about other people, other cultures, other lives, other planets and so on.

But I think there is a very significant message that goes out when you cannot see yourself at all in the books you are reading.

I think it is saying ‘well, you may be here, but do you really belong?’

I think what we need, especially in publishing, is more commissioning editors, and editors who are people of colour.

We need more people working in the publishing industry itself who are people of colour,

Another writer, Nikita Lalwani, agrees with Blackman.

Any anxieties publishers have about putting a child on the front cover of a book who isn’t white is very old fashioned,” said Lalwani.

The children reading the books are not going to be having that anxiety or thinking about being alienated.

I’m worried about the pattern that we are creating in this country, in terms of the kind of society we are showing in books.

If everyone is white or Caucasian, it is just not accurate and it’s a very odd thing to do when we live in a multi-cultural society.

Blackman has spoken about this issue last month, saying “I can reel off 10 or 15 black and minority ethnic authors in the UK, but I should be able to reel off a hell of a lot more,

“Diversity” is being pushed on White people by anti-Whites, and that’s why when non-White people complain that there are ‘too many White people’ in White countries, it gains media attention.

No one is going over to Black countries and saying there are “too many Black people” and Black countries need to become “diverse” or “multicultural”, because no one with power is trying to get rid of Black people.

This is not going on in any non-White countries in fact.

All the countries that have this “diversity” problem are White countries.

Why? Because diversity is a codeword for White genocide. When anti-Whites say “diversity” what they mean is anything other than a White majority.


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