Ugly Ferguson, MO. shegro complains about lack of 911 services her top-notch black ass deserves — Capped by black buck during Mike Brown riots — Patricia A. Cook, Robert Leone

Me hurted mon, and whitey ain’t come fast enough…
An aye be special too! Causin I is ah nicca!


The ‘chutzpah’ and self-worth these sub-animals possess and place on themselves is simply amazing. But really, it isn’t them. It’s the jewish-dominated media that gives them their ‘worth.’ It’s the jewish-dominated media which legitimizes their grievances. And that’s really what is amazing. And also, how these dark creatures are able with straight face to utter how they are aggrieved, yet without ever showing even one scrap of gratitude.

The primitive creatures should be somewhere on the African continent sitting on the bare ground whittling sticks into spears. Yet, here they are, in America, kicked-back in a HUD house in a White neighborhood or laid-back in a government paid for breeding grounds apartment unit. Awaiting their EBT cards filled with cash and food stamps. But that’s not all, they receive free education, even for college. All because of the color of their skin. Free heating and cooling assistance – which pays most if not all their electricity bill. And while most of us are burdened with taxes, most negroes pay nothing. Free food, clothing, heating, cooling, money, housing, education at all levels, cash, medical care and on and on and on. And it would seem as if that would be more than enough. And the negro-animal more than content. A third-rate, primitive ‘peoples’ living high on the hog and with little or no cost to them and, in a first rate nation no less. With telephones, cable TV, air conditioning, heating furnaces, 1972 Cadillac’s with leopard skinned tops, wide white walls, fuzzy mirror dice and a huge, obnoxious hood ornament to thrill the on-coming traffic. Yet still, that‘s not good enough. No, it’s just not good enough. The greedy, worthless, parasitic negro animal needs more. They want to curse, slap, slam and victimize those who provide for them. And the jew-dominated media provides that venue for them, free too I might add. The jew-media eagerly provides them the platform to do nothing but bitch and complain. Moan and groan. Hiss and growl. All of it aimed at and against their benefactors – the White race!

And as far as the negress in this story, who called 911? So what you black bitch, so what that 911 didn’t rush 50 limousines out to your ungrateful black ass – shot in the head by a brethren of yours. And so what that out of the hundreds of thousands of crimes committed this day and every day in America, millions by years end, that only one or two of your black savage brethren got his ass capped cold. No, you black ingrates, the only worth or legitimacy you all have comes from jews with their vast anti-white media. And if it weren’t for jews, you all would be shunned and driven off the lands like the ravenous hyenas that you all are!

Below, two cases here that should have been given top-priority media treatment but were not. And the reason they weren’t, is because they didn’t adhere to the jewish-media agenda of pro-black – anti-white. You know, ‘negroes as victims,  Whites as oppressors?’

Google: Patricia A. Cook+Daniel Harmon-Wright – and I hope you look into it real good. Some pansy ass cop shot and murdered the White female in cold blood. He had pulled her over and began to scream and yell at her. She started to roll her window up in fear and to shun herself from the abuse. The cop took this as an affront and shot the frail woman numerous times – killing her instantly. Yet the media was no where about. There were no Sharpton’s, Jackson’s, government officials, reverends or community activists to look into her tragic death. There was no federal or civil rights violations or investigations at all. No, it just didn’t mesh with the anti-white media agenda or jew-n*gger government narrative.

There was one more thing she was the victim of, the media

And here’s another one, Robert Leone, a White man beaten within an inch of his life. At the hands of corrupt and vicious cops. Yet, and again, like Patricia A. Cook, no one gave a F. And the reason why no one gave a damn was because the jew-media didn’t tell them too. And the jew-media didn’t give a damn because the victims were White. If either victim would have been black, you’d be telling me their stories. But because they were and are White, I’ve got to lay it down to you the best I can. And as I do, I’ll be reading comments about how ‘racist’ I am, how ‘stupid’ I am. How I’m not a ‘journalist’ but a low-life who is incapable of writing a coherent sentence. In any case, the Robert Leone tragedy is another case well worth looking into. You can start here. And as you do, remember, blacks are not the only ‘victims,’ there are many, many White ones as well. It’s just that, they’re too White, Too White for jew-media attentions. Yeah, just too White for the jew-media to agitate Whites into action. Thus Whites remain inactive, docile and stupid. Just watching and waiting, watching and waiting for what the jew-media has in store for them next.

There was one more thing he was the victim of, the media


Ugly Ferguson, MO. shegro complains about the lack or quality of services her top-notch black ass deserves – shot in head by a black buck and claims she had to call 911 three times and whitey ain‘t eben answer de phone!

But I love it man! I really do. And this is what should happen. It should be made into law. That no third-world savage should receive first-class services! F man, we’re scared you’ll sue us. I mean if you die, we’ll be sued because we didn’t save you. And if we save you, the jew-media will advertise your low-life ass beating lips about we didn’t save you fast enough! And of course how we’re ‘racist’ that you were shot! So FU n*gga! ‘we ain’t doin sh*t!’

You niccas can provide policing and medical services to your own areas from now on! You don’t need ole ‘racist’ whitey rushing out there to disrespect you. There’s enough ‘reverends, community activists, organizers and NAACP members’ that act like they know what you all need. So let them figure it out and then provide all those high-dollar, high-class services you all need. Let them provide and stock those $300,000 ambulances for you. Let them clean up your blood and guts from out of those ambulances. Hell man, you’re all ’equal and the same’ as whitey – right!? And there’s plenty of brotha’s and sistah’s up and out all night, let them provide policing services to you. You don’t need whitey!

Just like I wrote here and will re-write here; You know what you cunning, conniving, shrewd and anti-white negro animals, I wished that the next time one of you bastards called 911 fully expecting Whitey to rush out to save your nasty asses, that, they just said F*CK YOU N*GGER – and slammed the GD phone down! And then blocked your number from EVER calling them again!

Do dis be 911?


I’se DEMAND ta know iz dis be 911!

Call Rev. Al b*tch … ~SLAM!~


F*CK YOU N*GGERS! And your jew-b*tch media! Making you MF’s appear more important and more worthy than anyone and everyone else!

The White race has much more grievances against you than you animals ever had against us! We drug you bastards over here as slaves and the jew has turned us into your slaves!

You two-bit bastards! If it weren’t for the White race your failed race would be somewhere on the African continent sucking out rotting fruit with your bare ass cheeks laying in dirt!

RIP Patricia Cook — Justice for Robert Leone!


And to all those white freaks who leave messages about black
d*ck, ‘racism’ and all that other BS – wake the F up huh!!!???



  1. carrie

    Yep, they’re worthless ingrates.


  2. mochamadness

    Maybe its me, but this shegro doesn’t seem to be in pain nor does it look as though being shot is no big deal. Since another black most likely shot her, she’s too mad at “whitey” to be angry at the shooter. And I bet that the medical team who responded were intelligent and caring people. But since they are white, they must be racist devils. If that’s the case, then she and other injured blacks should call on their own people to tend to their injuries. No way is that happening. Ferguson has entirely way more criminal-like blacks than sensible blacks.

    The blacks (and whites) who aren’t participating in this riot can’t even go to work. Rioers are making their lives miserable. Those who depend on public transportation are out of luck. The buses won’t drive to designated bus routes for fear of being assaulted, shot, and/or killed. So people aren’t able to go to work, earn their usual paychecks, and pay their bills. Electric, telephone, and cable get disconnected for non-payment. Misery. And I can only imagine them not being able to get/go to grocery stores. Rioters are looting and burning the stores not realizing the misery and inconenience they are causing others. SMDH.

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  3. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

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