Vile, despicable negroes now calling for Obama/Holder anti-white duo to investigate the Kajieme Powell cop capping!

WTF man, why not just give the negroes their own personal FBI special agents!? These low-life, worthless, arrogant beasts! That ONE city, St. Louis, has more cops than my entire county – yet they DEMAND the federal police to come in! It’s time man, it’s timmme! Reduce the cost on the taxpayers and remove ALL cops from negro areas! The army of cops that it takes to police these black hoods and breeding grounds areas! Yeah! And then let the negroes do their own policing!

State Sen. Jamilah Nasheed, D-St. Louis, is calling on the federal government to investigate the shooting of Kajieme Powell.

Powell, 25, was shot by officers in north St. Louis Aug. 19. Officers said he was brandishing a knife and coming at them when they decided to fire. St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson released information about the shooting almost immediately, but the frustrations of residents about the authorities handling of the shooting boiled over at a town hall meeting Tuesday. More here, video at link.

See Also: St. Louis negro and shoplifter ‘Kajieme Powell’ capped cold — came at cops wielding a knife while screaming; ‘shoot me, shoot me motherf-ckers!’

Here negroes, here’s your federal ‘investigation!’


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