Pro-Russians allow trapped Ukrainian troops to escape — Zionist run government in Kiev — Highway of Death

Pro-Russians allow trapped Ukrainian troops to escape

This is almost unheard of. Just imagine the Zionist-led armies of America, Israel and the West allowing potential future enemies to go free. Troops that will undoubtedly be in any battles to-come should this thing worsen into a full fledged conflict with Russia. This just shows Russia really doesn’t want to escalate or agitate the situation with the Zionist run government in Kiev. And that Russia’s desires are for peace and to deescalate the bloody conflict. Yet with the stranglehold Zionists have on western media, those facts will go by the wayside as no matter what actions Russia takes, the media will still paint a negative picture of Putin and Russia.

And we know what the Zionist-led West would have done. They would have killed every man, women and child and where they sat, stood or laid. We saw that in Iraq with the merciless massacre on the ‘Highway of Death.’ Where the highway was intentionally bombed at its beginning and end. With the full intent of entrapping people in the middle. And once miles of highway and people were trapped, and had no place to go, they bombed everything in the middle. Killing anything and everything. Some even waving white flags.

Besides Putin and Russia, one of the few other times I’ve known of a military (in a war scenario) allowing a defeated and trapped enemy to go free, was Hitler’s Germany. Where he/they allowed hundreds of thousands of British troops to escape certain death at Dunkirk. And every last one of them came back to haunt Hitler’s army later. But such is the case with leaders, despite jew-media propaganda, that really do not want war.

A leader of pro-Russian forces in eastern Ukraine says he has agreed to allow the government forces trapped in the conflict zone to escape through a “humanitarian corridor.”

Alexander Zakharchenko, a leader of pro-Moscow forces, told Rossiya 24 TV channel on Friday that he had agreed to offer a “humanitarian corridor” for the encircled Ukrainian troops to leave the battlefield in the restive eastern parts.

However, Zakharchenko added that Kiev’s forces should abandon their armored vehicles and ammunition before leaving.

His comments come after a statement by Russian President Vladimir Putin calling on the pro-Moscow protesters to allow Ukrainian soldiers to flee the coastal town of Novoazovsk captured by pro-Russians on Wednesday.

“I call on the rebel forces to open a humanitarian corridor for the Ukrainian troops who are surrounded, so as to avoid unnecessary casualties and to give them the opportunity to withdraw from the zone of operations,” Putin said on Thursday.


Russia ready to repel threats: Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin says Moscow’s armed forces are always ready to repel any threat against the country.

“We should always be ready to repel any aggression towards Russia,” Putin said on Friday.

Putin went on to say that “Russia’s partners… should understand it’s best not to mess with us.”


The only winners in Zionist-jew wars are Zionist-jews


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