Shocker: Just Released, St Louis Authorities Disclose Michael Brown’s Criminal History, Second-Degree Murder! — ‘Mike Brown’


Gentle-giant, Big Black Brown wasn’t an angel!

Quite the contrary….

King Kong — was a first class thug!


All posts within this site concerning black Mike
Brown and the negro uprising in Ferguson, MO.



One comment

  1. When they are making this violent thug into a saint, and his mammie going on TV saying he never did anything wrong, then yea, we need to know. It will paint a better picture of who he really was. He was a violent criminal, no matter how young he was!! They are glorifying violence and stealing. Yea, he was unarmed, but he was as big as an ape! He was huge. We all saw the video of how he slung the poor owner of the store. He was the weapon!!! Quit making him out to be a saint. He was a violent criminal with an attitude.


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