George Galloway, MP, Israel hater and race traitor attacked on London street by crazed jew yelping about the Holocaust (capital ‘H’)

holalala holalala cost! slap-punch holalalalalalalaaa cost! kick-bite.

Man, something’s got to be done about these jews! These MF’s are starting to believe their own BS now. And that’s what the holalalalal cost is – BS. In most European nations jews are considered weasels. Because of the way they use to steal eggs from White folks chicken houses. And of course at that time, when those nations were almost 100% White, stealing and illegal, immoral acts were almost unheard of. So it was a shock to most victims of this jew egg pillaging scheme. And now, the bastards are attacking people on the street. And BTW George, if you have a chicken house, might want to take an inventory. That SOB may have pillaged an egg or two from you as well. And if he did, file charges man – F this jew BS.

Also, just imagine if this were a White attacking a jew – especially one yelping about how the holalalalalalaaa cost was all BS. I mean could that person outlive the sentence they would be handed down? OK let’s see, 1000 years. No, that would be too harsh. 999 years. Hmmm, no. Ok, here it is, and I’m giving you a break – 300 years! And you’ll be eligible for parole after 150.


Poor bastard, 60-yo man. Got knots all over his balding head. A broken jaw, a broken
rib or two – and that jew attacker, most likely won’t serve any kind of real prison time.


Here he is with his Indonesian sweets. It’s not only White females who are race-mixers.


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