UK: 95% believe (jewish) multiculturalism has failed

The jewish social experiment of ‘diversity and multiculturalism’ is an utter failure says 95% of Brits.

But just to be sure, let’s do some more research. Let’s say… in the ‘jewish state of Israel.’ I think if we started off with an immigration scheme of one million Muslims and blacks per year over the next two or three years, that would really signify whether it’s a complete failure or not. After all, Muslims and blacks have more in common with jews than they do with Whites. So rather than it being ‘we’re all different and the same’ – it would be; ‘we’re all the same and the same.‘ You all would just have to work on that ‘religion thing’ a tad. But I say let’s give it a shot. I mean, you know, just to make sure that it is indeed a complete and utter failure. And remember jews, if any of you should oppose or question the transformation of Israel (Palestine) – we’ll call you ‘RACIST’! And we know you don’t want to be one of those!


Controlled Mass Media Ignore and Cover up Jewish Racism – OneTwo

Israel deports blacks

Israel deports blacks claims it is changing the fabric of Israel

Israel deports its black ‘infiltrators’

Undocumented African immigrants march and protest against jew supremacists who call them ‘niggers, infiltrators and a cancer to society’

Racist jews to ship unwanted Africans OUT of Israel and into Sweden so Israel will remain a ‘jew-only state’ – but what about Sweden?



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