Mestizo Reporter Gets OWNED After Asking White Man If He’s Racist

Latina Reporter Gets OWNED After Asking White Man If He’s Racist

A Latina reporter was left speechless after trying to make a white man look bad by asking if he is racist, immediately following being attacked by a group of Latino protesters.

As we all know, one of the favorite narratives of the pro-illegal crowd and the left is that those opposed to illegal immigration are somehow racist, even though we only push for the proper immigration laws to be followed. When this reporter for UniVision attempted to ask a man a loaded question, absolute hilarity ensued as he and his friend – who just happened to be black – put her right in the proper place for trying to paint him as racist to her Latino audience.

Kudos to him and his friend for making her feel every bit as stupid as the question she asked him.

Make sure you share this if you’re tired of being labeled as racist for only wanting people to abide by our laws.

The White guy’s bloody, just got attacked and beaten by anti-white, hate-enraged Mestizo invaders – and the she-mongrel reporter asked him… ‘are YOU racist!’ And this is what the jewish-dominated media in America puts out. If a White person opposes the colonization of their nation by these mongrels – they are ‘RAAACIST!’  And the jew-media are also the reason why people consider these Aztec, Mayan and Inca descendents as ‘Latino’ and even ‘Hispanic.’ When they are not. What they are is basically short little Indian F’rs. A mixed race mongrel peoples. Mixed with at least two of the following; Asian, White and/or black. With the taller, lighter ones having a little more White blood in them. I remember when the media called them ‘Spanish.’ But Whites folks were a tad smarter than that and knew the Spanish were White people from Spain. But they got them fooled with ‘Latino and Hispanic.’ Also to note, his black buddy was left unscathed. And of course he wasn’t ‘racist.’ As only Whites can be ‘racist.’ Per jew-media dogma anyway. 

Check out the footage below:



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  1. Reblogged this on Conservative Free Thinkers and commented:
    I saw this yesterday, her IQ is prob. somewhere around 85, I don’t think she even knew what was going on.


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