UK; Repulsive sub-animal beasts stabs to death 24-yo White man with the mental capacity of a 9-yo because he refused to give them his cell phone as ordered – incident caught on CCTV







UK: 95% believe (jewish) multiculturalism has failed

Jewish Supremacists Demand America “Take More Refugees”—While Israel Imprisons and Expels Them

Zionist jew and Israel firster Sheldon G. Adelson seeks the colonization of America by millions of Aztec breeders and warriors (wants to build a fence around his nation, Israel, to keep out the ‘African infiltrators.’)

UK; Four bucks cut another buck like a Thanksgiving Day turkey – cut off both arms and legs, yet leaves his pr*ck – and some dilly white woman has that

UK – 40-yo White man (Andrew Young) explains to savages; “it’s dangerous to ride bikes on sidewalks” – one of the savages (Lewis Gill) attacks the man – victim dies at a hospital


UK; Young White man stabbed in the heart by imported negro’s – Dean Mayley, Jamal Jones, Ryan Beresford, Michael Mensah, Miguel Leiba – all over a cell phone (1)



  1. wayne

    I’d decapitate these niggers with a fucking chainsaw

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