Vile negro shoots 17-yo White girl and then abducts her – negro caught, won’t say where her or her body is — UPDATE: Her body has been found — Jackson MS. – 80% black — Katelyn Beard, Dewayne Thompson, Deayne Thompson

UPDATE @ bottom of page – Her body had been found.

Anything is possible here. But one thing should be most certain, the girl was raped. He either raped her and then left her to die where she was raped. Or, he raped her and then either shot or beat her to death. And one other sickening scenario is possible, the girl died on the way to the rape scene – and the despicable negro raped her body. It would surprise me if she were still alive. But as mentioned, anything is possible.

Update: This is the latest report, and it shows they are looking for a ‘body.’ The negro must have at least told the police that she’s dead. But just not where her body is. F’n shame man. We have literal beasts roaming the same streets as us. And we must play like they’re our ‘equals’ or we’ll be ‘racist.’ When in reality, it should be made legal to hunt these creatures down and shoot them where they stand or strut. What does the US government call that? Oh, yeah… ‘preemptive strikes.’ And if that’s too harsh – maybe just return them to their beloved motherland huh? Would you libs allow that? I mean if you miss them or anything, you all can always go for a visit from time to time.



Update – from Voice of Reason left in the comments
(thanks and much appreciated)

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Body of missing teen found

Her Facebook Page – heavy with groids


Update 2

Living Black – The Diversity Nightmare:  17 years old and was a prime candidate to become a murder victim. And at 17 years old, it didn’t take the nogs long.

In one of the updated reports below, it stated the girl was shot in the head. So as a recap, she was shot in the head in that house, and then drug out of the house by the negro shooter and dumped in the field. I’m still wondering if she was raped after she was deceased. Or even if she was already spreading for the nog. One message at one of the links below stated she was the killer’s GF. But that was disputed by several other messages. Yet in any case, she was indeed living as if she were black. And with all those half-breeds in the image above – she would have, in all likelihood, started sh*tting out equally disgusting things as what is shown in that image. And that’s the last thing this country needs – more half breed nogs. The same type of nog that murdered her. Sad case really, her parents left her to live black. And once that happens, one may not live black long. And the key word is ‘live.’

After a second glance at the two links below – in one it reports her parents were heading to Jackson (80% negro and where the girl was murdered) from Greene County (72% White). The entire state of Mississippi is about 58% White. So it would appear as if the girl left her 72% White home and went into the dark jungles of 80% negro Jackson. I have no idea but, it would almost appear as if the girl had left her 72% White and ‘boring’ county and into Rothstein‘s ‘MTV cool’ Jackson for some black action. Of course the 17-yo girl didn’t know much about city niggas except what she saw on jew-TV – and again, she most likely watched jew Rothstein’s MTV – a network which is notorious for showing young White girls dangling off n*gger’s nugget sacks as the gold ’toof’ bucks bounce around rapping about killing cops, dope, bling, stacks of cash and of course f*cking White ho‘s. And to an unattractive and plain 17-yo White girl, residing in one of the most ‘boring’ and Whitest counties in Mississippi, that must have been some of the hippest things she ever saw. I don’t know – but something sure lured her down to Jackson. One of the most dangerous negro cities in all of America.

If anyone else has ideas or if new reports come in more detail – let us know.


Update: 9/5/14

The 17-yo White girl had met the ‘cooool’ negro online – she knew the creature about ten days says reports. I’ve been trying to figure out what lead her to leave her 72% White county and head off to 80%+ negro Jackson, MI. This is what it was. A cunning online negro.



The Multicultural Nightmare, Living Black

Negro shoots 17-yo White girl, then abducts her, he’s caught, won’t say where her or her body is – Jackson, MS. – 80% black, Katelyn Beard, Dewayne Thompson, Deayne Thompson



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    This nigger should be killed and fed to dogs.

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  2. melanie

    You people are sick.


    • Anton Chigurh

      Yeah, I’m sick of nogs breathing my air. I’m gonna do something about it & hunt them down like the wild animals they are.


  3. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog

    Filthy subhuman nigger animals, when the hell is white america gonna fight back and start killing these filthy coons? You still have guns ffs!

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