Mother of murdered White child taunted by text messages sent by negro killer using deceased girl’s mobile phone – Kelli O’Laughlin – the trial of John Wilson Jr.

3 years after the crime, trial begins for savage, vicious negro animal who stabbed 14-yo White girl to death in her own home – came home from school to find him burglarizing her home – Kelli O’Laughlin, John Wilson Jr…

The court appointed attorney is an Aztec breeder (Gonzalez) – who tells the jury and the media that the police only arrested her buck because he was black. Evidently the ‘race card’ is the only defense the b*tch has. … “the police were racist, the prosecutors are racist, the judge is racist and my client is a non-racist black victim of White racial profiling.” Blacks, they’re even ‘victims’ when they murder White children…

Video @ Link

All posts within this site concerning this case here.

Kelli O’Laughlin, John Wilson Jr.


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