White couple black-attacked after White boyfriend questions the primate’s on their rude, crude and lewd behavior towards his girlfriend

LOL @ police looking for them. Why? So a month or two of probation can be added to their parole time? Man, I can understand why our forefather’s strung these greasy, slimy, sub-animals up by their necks now. The only thing I wonder about is why they didn’t finish the job. Or at least ship them back.

Obama and Holder gone charge yo wite crakka’s
wiff ah hate crime fo’ fuggin wiff us nicca’s like dis!

Video @ link

EDIT – Here’s a longer version of the video

Now it’s being reported as; ‘a knockout game attack’
Guess that’s better than as it was first reported – that
the negro’s groped her while making lewd comments.



Victim’s interviewed
(Damn, they attended a ‘rap concert.’)








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