White woman found dead in her backyard by 14-yo daughter – ex-buck is the prime suspect – Amanda Russell, Jeffery Conrad, Femicide

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White woman endangers entire White neighborhood by carrying black beast into it. But White women, negro’s are not new toys to be played with, admired, and to be made love objects out of. They are extremely dangerous animals that must be kept at bay. And just as soon as a White woman finds herself one, and totes it home, there will be nothing but trouble. And while she coos over it, provides for it, and allows it to know her schedule and the layout of her home, while she may not realize it at first, she has placed herself in acute danger. And just as soon as she tires of the ape-sex, sickening bestiality and providing for her new toy, and when she attempts to break it off, this is the moment of the most extreme and immediate danger. And as the broke ass, dejected, rejected and lowlife negro is forced to head back into the ghetto jungle – all his problems are blamed on you. And the more he thinks on it the more irate he becomes. He’s broke because of you, he hasn’t gotten any more White nookie because of you, and as time goes by, and he has a hard time finding another White woman to leach off of and bed down, he‘s going to come for you. And he knows everything about you. At least he knows enough. Matter of fact, you allowed the dark born-killer to know too much. And as many, many White women who came before you and who had suffered the same fate knows, he will indeed kill you. This is why I’ve stated in the past, learn from those who came before you, but without going through what they had. Because by the time you learn that same lesson on a personal level, if you do, it could very well be the last lesson you would have ever learned.

This White woman placed not only herself in great danger, but also her neighborhood. And in this case, her daughter’s wellbeing was a risk as well.

I don’t like to offer too many suggestions or advice or anything – but in this case I think will. The very first thing a White woman needs to do is turn off the TV. This will somewhat ease the infatuation with the negro beast. The jew-TV humanizes the sub-animal negro, and it does that by not only portraying it as an emotional almost child-like creature, but a creature who is noble, kind and has been abused throughout life. Then they show them as gentle, intelligent creatures. In positions as equitable supervisors, doctors, lawyers, heroes and on and on. And the more one subjects themselves to this jew propaganda, the more they escape from reality and into a world of jew illusion. And that’s what TV is, illusions. And the actors and promoters illusionists. And they prey on the weak-minded, the loveless, those who have nothing better to do but lay in front of a TV until they can‘t discern reality from fictional propaganda. And the TV will promote crap like, “this is 2014 and not 1950 – so it’s OK for interracial relationships.“ Matter of fact it cool and trendy for a White woman to provide for, care for, and spread for, a negro. Negroes are cooool, White men are working stiffs and booooring. Negroes are clean-cut and dress like Liberace, whereas White men are filthy and dress in dirty work clothes. And this looks and sounds good, a nice clean hip negro verses a dirty, sweaty boorish White man. But the thing is, chances are, that negro don’t work, thus it doesn’t do anything to get dirty. And that thing about that ‘2014 verses 1950?‘ The thing about that is, while the years may have changed, that n*gger creature hadn’t. It’s the same simpleton, self-centered, egotistical, greedy, always in a bind beast and born-killer today, as it was yesterday. Just as it was in 1950 or 1840 or whatever date. And that’s why people shunned and rejected the negro throughout history and didn’t want anything to do with the animal. But now with TV, that ‘jew in the living room,’ things have changed. At least for the most insecure and needy within our race. And there’s nothing as insecure and as feeling helpless as a man-less woman. Of course that’s not true with all women. But, the thing is, when a woman looks for a mate, what’s the number one thing she looks for? Security. She wants herself and any future children to be well cared for, safe and secure. And without a lot of BS. That’s just her natural instinct. If a man can provide a decent home, treat her with decency and provide security for her, again, without a lot of BS from her man, that‘s what she wants. Yet if she watches too much TV, or the wrong type of TV, her natural instincts and moral standards are reduced to jew-sh*t. And believe it or not, sometime’s they’re reduced to the level of seeking out a n*gger as mate. One case, a tragic one, shown below. Or, where the illusion turns into reality.

The above was just a short synopsis, much more could have been said. But anymore, I just like to type the stuff up real quick and move on. I just don’t like to sit here for any longer than I have to on one story.


Dejected, rejected and suspected. Negro ex buck, the primate suspect.




Population by Races

Race Population % of Total
Total Population 49,652 100
White 46,398 93
Black or African American 1,642 3
Two or More Races 790 1
Hispanic or Latino 672 1
Asian 573 1
Some Other Race 159 Below 1%






The number one killer of African-American women ages 15 to 34 is homicide at the hands of a current or former intimate partner. (And it doesn’t appear White women fair much better).



Ugly, repulsive, vile and  disgusting negro charged. Just couldn’t trick those White detectives. Damn, but they keep trying. Mayne, aye sho ain’t be knowin nuffin bout no murder mayne. I’se was at de church dat day mayne. Yo can eben axe muh mammy. Down der wiff rev Ike, sho wuz mayne. Wuz hepin wiff da donation clothes drive fo’ de po’ wite chillums. Yessah, sho be, dats be right, ahm huh – yo.






White woman found dead in her backyard by 14-yo daughter – ex-buck is the prime suspect – Amanda Russell, Jeffery Conrad, Femicide (1)



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