Lou negroes going cRaZy! 6 killed – 2 moe injured – all in under 24 hours – all in de Lou (St. Louis)

This is just TNB for St. Louis. Yeah, just typical negro behaviors and activities. And all the incidents had taken place in the negro part of St. Louis. Which is most of St. Louis. I just hope there weren’t any Whites who got caught up in it.

St. Louis did have a small pocket of Whites – on the south side. But even what were White areas in South St. Louis a few years ago, has seen an influx of negro’s – so those places are mostly uninhabitable now. Plus, with our politician’s and government’s immigration schemes, some of what were the better parts of South St. Louis have seen a huge Aztec Indian (Mexican, South American etc.) infiltration. And on some streets, all the businesses are in Spanish – groceries, clothing, pottery stores and shops etc. So most of St. Louis is pretty much a no-go zone for Whites. I mean you can probably slip-slide around during the day while the negro’s are sleeping. But just don’t F around too much at night. And the worst times are 1-4 in the morning. Don’t do anything then. Except either huddle in your house or sleep during those times. Armed to the teeth of course. Because the negro is most active between those times. And the living situation I mentioned above? Those are the residential housing areas. As in single family dwellings. These areas aren’t as safe as those I will describe below.

Of course, like most major inner cities, the city leaders do try to make small areas for Whites. They desperately need the White money. They make these areas for college students who will pull together and rent an apartment – err, excuse me, a ‘studio‘ near their college. And for doctors, lawyers and other higher paid professionals who mostly work in the city. And of course for the playboy with too much money and who can afford a little love nest for him and the secretary or whatever he can seduce out of the bar on any particular evening. These areas are relatively safe. And more safe during the day than at night. And to attract and keep the White tax base, these areas have an abundance of entertainment, day and nightlife, such as dancing, restaurants, nightclubs etc. And usually there’s enough cops hanging around these areas to keep the negro’s at bay. So as long as people keep an eye out and creep around without being too conspicuous and the women walk with a man or other women, it’s somewhat safe. But step out of those areas, which are usually no more than a few square blocks in area (and just a few of those areas exist in St. Louis) and you’ll most likely make it to and fro in relative safety. And your vehicle probably won’t get broken into more than 2-3 times a year. But as far as all around general safety, you’ll probably be alright. At least in these areas. The apartments — err, excuse me, the ’studios’ do have a doorman and security guards and there’s always plenty of cameras. And that’s a good thing. But the bad thing is, these workers are usually always black. The doorman, the security guard, the janitor, the maintenance crew etc. But, if they ever commit a crime against you, like rape you, commit a strong armed robbery against you, break into your car, apartment or kill you… it most likely will be caught on security camera. As long as they haven’t figured out a blind spot where the cameras can’t see and of course if the cameras are working that day. And these type of White people I’ve mentioned above, with the possible exception of the playboy, they like to run and jog or at least a fast paced walk during the evening. They must always be mindful of their boundaries. Like I mentioned, these areas have small boundaries. Just never start to feel ‘too safe’ – like you can jog from your ‘studio’ down past all those restaurants and nightlife and then through Martin Luther King Blvd. and back again. That may not work. Especially the back again part. So just be mindful of the boundary. They’re invisible but, they are present.

So folks, as the negro’s in the ‘Lou’ are capping each other cold, as in in those 24 hours where there were 6 murders and just a couple injuries – just remember White folks, if you’re in that small ‘White part of town’ in the Lou, the part the city planners delved out of the ghetto especially for you, to collect your tax money (thank you very much) – just remember, you’ll most likely be alright. And it’s almost guaranteed. Almost. Damn near. I mean it’s close. Really.




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  1. HAHAHAHA!! When whites leave Baltimore the nigs will have no taxes to pay their section ape & EBT. Then they will turn on each other.


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