U.S. has world’s largest immigrant population; 1 in 6 foreign-born

U.S. has world’s largest immigrant population; 1 in 6 foreign-born


Origins and Destinations of the World’s Migrants, from 1990-2013 (with map and figures)


jewish plans to destroy america by non-white immigration


jews ruined america through diversity and multiculturalism


Time to toss all that ‘jesus was a jew’ and ‘jews are so holy that when you see one you must fall at their feet and kiss them’ and all that ‘holocaust’ BS along with all the other jew-propaganda to the side and wake TF up huh? You’re losing your nation folks. No, you’ve LOST your nation! Even if the jew didn’t bring in not ONE more non-white, they’ve already brought in so many that;  America is already lost! Our only hopes and options now are, (like as if it would ever happen), would be to start dragging all the non-whites the jew has imported into this country – out of this country. What other options are there?  But no, most of you bastards are so worried about being jew-PC that you’re still talking that BS about; ‘how we need those non-white immigrants’ that you won’t do sh*t. And of course will continually promote and profess support for the jew and the jew-driven schemes of ‘diversity and multiculturalism.’ Without ever thinking about what your actions and those words mean. And what those words mean are… no Whites. And what your actions represent are – death. Death to the White Race! Sounds ‘racist‘ huh? Yeah, and if it does, it’s because you’re a f’n idiot.


Time Wise, a jew masquerading as White



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