Edgar Steele dies Thursday

COEUR d’ALENE — Outspoken and in the end imprisoned, North Idaho trial lawyer, author and speaker Edgar J. Steele died Thursday, his family confirmed. He was 69.

His wife, Cyndi Steele, said Friday her husband died of pneumonia, a lung infection he had for a year. She accused the federal prison in Victorville, Calif., of failing to provide Steele with adequate care.

 “His death is just a continuation of the unjust treatment my husband has faced since the day of his arrest” in June 2010, Cyndi Steele said.



Today, September 4, 2014, early afternoon, a California mortuary notified Mrs. Cyndi Steele that her husband Edgar was dead.  Since that time, specific circumstances regarding Mr. Steele’s death are being confirmed. This web site and the Edgar Steele Defense Fund (ESDF) will release more information as it becomes available.

Mrs. Steele contacted the ESDF Board, saying she was utterly devastated by this information, and is furious that no Victorville representative contacted her in the last few days regarding his failing health and did not even call her regarding the death of her husband. It was cruel to allow the mortuary to make the call.

Based on the best knowledge at hand, the following are the most likely causes of death: overmedication, persistently delayed, insufficient or improper medical treatment, medical neglect.  The federal government and Victorville Penitentiary bear responsibility for the lives of the inmates who reside there and have refused to be accountable for the decline in Edgar Steele’s health.

Some hours before Mrs. Steele was contacted by the mortuary, ESDF President Robert Magnuson received an email corroborating Ms. Steele’s concern for her husband’s health and safety, validating the suspicion Mr. Steele’s health had been in a sharp decline for the past month.  This fact was obscured, if not hidden by the federal government.

First, Mr. Steele was the victim of a false prosecution, then he was imprisoned in the most dangerous prison here in America. Then his wife was never allowed to visit him despite a court order allowing visitation. Then, his health was compromised because of  neglect, and finally, the reports came in that he had been drugged out of his mind earlier this week, which was the final blow that killed him. Call it anything else you like, but it is murder.

The facts of this tragic situation will be disclosed as the information is gathered.


Terrible news here! Damn! Most browsers and readers to this website have most likely never heard of Edgar J. Steele or his plight. I will be spending the next few hours digging up info and posting it. First I will post general links and info – then I will dig out from my archives the many audio interviews and any video I have in my archives concerning Mr. Steele’s fight with ZOG. It would be too time consuming to post this info in chronographic order, thus I will lay it down in the non sequential order as mentioned. First, general and background info, and then items from my personal archive.

The Frame-Up Of Edgar Steele In Northern Idaho

Edgar Steele is Dead

Googled: “Edgar J. Steele dead”

Edgar’s site – left exactly as it was when he was jailed

Free Edgar Steele! – OneTwo

“Defensive Racism” – Book by Edgar

“Edgar J. Steele” archives from Kevin Strom

“Edgar J. Steele” from VoR archives
(Interviews with Edgar’s wife, lawyers and info on
other political prisoners held and framed by ZOG)

Googled: ‘The frame-up of Edgar J. Steele’

“Edgar J. Steele” on YouTube

The Railroading of Matt Hale
by Edgar J. Steele


Cyndi Steele Speaks After Husband’s Guilty Verdict
(if video won’t load – use direct link)

Cyndi Steele After Larry Fairfax Verdict
(Gov. witness used to railroad Edgar Steele)
(if video won’t load – use direct link)

Zionist Lies: Setting up Ed Steele: Cyndi Steele on her husband’s “Guilty” verdict

Will check my archives – and if I have anything different than what’s posted above – I will update this page.


I had uploaded the videos below a couple years ago to archive.org – and I’m sure they’re on YouTube as well(if videos won’t play or are slow to load – just download them – then delete if so desired).

PS. Why I uploaded them on four pages verses just one – I don’t know…

Edgar Steele Interview Part 1 – Jail and Conviction

Edgar Steele Interview Part 2 – Taking Out Leaders Of The Movement

Edgar Steele Interview Part 3 – Corruption And Conspiracy

Edgar Steele Interview Part 4 – Are you guilty of anything


Whole Item Format Size
Attack the System (Keith Preston) (24 Shows – Over 22 Hours) ZIP 304.8 MB [contents]
Bud White (VoR) (23 Shows – Over 52 Hours) ZIP 992.0 MB [contents]
Compulsory Diversity News (Adrean Arlott) (27 Shows – Over 13 Hours) ZIP 272.9 MB [contents]
Edgar J. Steele (VoR) (14 Shows – Over 16 Hours) ZIP 224.4 MB [contents]

Direct Link


 OK, well, just looked, and it does appear I do have some stuff archived that may not still be on the internet. I mean a lot of it is, but not all. And as can be seen, there’s quite a few discs I will have to go through. As each ‘volume’ represents a disc. But it’s worth it because I know over time many people will come in and nab an item here and there – and then repost it around. They usually won’t give me any credit (smiles) but that’s OK with me. The main thing is attempting to educate our people. And there’s a lot of ‘education’ to be gained here. 

Below, video that I have archived. To get a better view, ‘right click’ and then click ‘view image.’ 

Below, audio that I have archived. To get a better view, ‘right click’ and then click ‘view image’ – and afterwards, scroll mouse pointer over image to expand.

Note: These are just images, I will be going through each disc to access and then upload each file. And when I’m done (hopefully today – 9-6-14), I will drop the links to where they can be downloaded. Wow, do I have my work cut out for me?


Edgar J. Steele and Cyndi Steele Archives – Edgar J. Steele (July 5, 1945 – Sep. 4, 2014) (69)




Steele attorney Robert T. McAllister admitted to a judge that he had provided ineffectual council to his client due to his own legal problems – ‘my mental state had deteriorated’.pdf

Wife of Political Prisoner Edgar Steele Releases Proof of Massive Government Corruption on Eve of Her Husband’s Ninth Circuit Appellate Hearing.pdf

Attorney Edgar Steele has died.pdf

Edgar J. Steele Sentence.pdf


Notes to self:

As time permits, need to find info in archive and on net.
MP3 and video (if any exists) on the following;

Matt Hale, Edgar Steele, David Hinkson, Dr. Tom Sell
Plus, what about other victims? George V. Hansen+IRS etc.

Does Detective (ret.) James Rothstein cover any of this?

Wesley W. Hoyt, Roland Hinkson, Jack McLambwho else?

VoR, TPC and ???

Communist Torture, Solitary Confinement, Political Prisoners, ‘Supermax Prisons,’ state’s designed them for the ‘worst of the worst’ – jew-Fed turned them into torture chambers to silence patriots and critics. People wonder; why does no one fight back? Why can’t we regain control of our government? – this is one reason why. But yet, some people still did and do try. And have been tossed in what amounts to a communist gulag for their efforts.


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