Fast food protesters to be hit with massive job losses when Obama grants amnesty in November

Fast food protesters to be hit with massive job losses when Obama grants amnesty in November

It’s no wonder fast food workers are desperate to fight for higher wages, but the raw truth of the situation is that a $15 / hour wage mandate would simply cause many fast food companies to close their doors and go out of business. There’s very little profit margin in the fast food industry, and businesses can’t simply raise their menu prices because “low cost food” is the primary reason why people buy fast food in the first place.

Amnesty will wipe out low-end jobs for most Americans.

But the real kicker here is that President Obama is on the verge of legalizing about five million illegal immigrants via executive order. This is apparently supposed to happen after the election, at which point Obama will sign a piece of paper and announce citizenship for five million immigrants who are currently in the country illegally.

This creates five million new legal workers who won’t demand $15 / hour. These previously-illegal workers have been toiling away at maybe $6 an hour, and they’ll be thrilled to take on a legal job at $8 / hour in fast food, especially when they now get some employee benefits as part of the deal.

What we are about to witness is a massive wave of worker displacement where newly-legalized workers will sweep in and take all the low-paying jobs currently held by the very same American fast food workers who currently believe they can protest in the streets and command $15 / hour.  Source

Unskilled – Uneducated – Minimum Wage Workers DEMANDING $15.00 Per Hour To Lay French Fries Down In Grease
Obama to replace 365black McDonald’s employees with Aztec Warriors and Breeders from Mexico and South America – they won’t demand $15.00 per hour

Fast food protesters to be hit with massive job losses when Obama grants amnesty



  1. Anonymous

    Fast food places are for kids in high school and college to make extra money while going to school. Now people without an education wanting to make a living and wanting $15 a hour to fries potatoes and burgers. There’s no skill there go back to school the second time and get the knowledge you need to get a job that you can make a living for you. If you don’t you may protest yourself out of a job. Fast food places will be closing then what. Mex and So. Americans will work for $8 hr. and be glad to take your job so you best think and think hard….

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    • Anonymous

      Exactly. And I think most of them still receive some type government assistance. Government medical for their offspring if nothing else. Plus, White folks in White areas survive with the same pay. And since most of them live in White areas, the general cost of living IE; rents, mortgages etc. would be higher. But of course most Whites have a mate which also has a job. And if no mate, they at least are smart enough to band together with a pal so they can live in a clean and decent apartment, house etc. Maybe blacks will figure that out someday – actually live with the ‘baby daddy’ and have him help with the chillins and bills. Wow, what a principled concept. Or, band together with a homie who will assist in the rent. But hell, can they get along with each other? Do they know who the ‘baby-daddy’ be?

      It’s just ridiculous blaming their employers for their plight. When the problems are solely because of government financial finagling. And that’s the core reason why things are so high while the economy is in reverse. And that $15.00 per hour – what a joke.

      Also, one thing that would help would be if the government would end the privately owned banking system know as “The Federal Reserve.” Borrowing money from a group that simply prints it out of thin air is crazy. The government should print their own money, because it would be illegal if they charged themselves interest on it. Maybe the negroes can look into this?


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